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Through public bank Broadcast booth here, it Cinta Center and I'm very close Ballgame, Xavier. Box on Bradley 51 to 50. We're joined by the head coach. The Xavier Musketeers. Travis steal, Travis. Congratulations on on a tough win today. Thanks. Thanks, Joe. We appreciate it, man. That was ugly. Um, we gotta learn how to close the game a little bit better that make it easier on ourselves very, very in. But But we'll learn from. It gives us a lot of things to learn from. We've got some young guys out there. They gotta figure things out. But I was proud of our defense about our defense is really good. Kept us in the game. You know, we had an off day shooting wise, but Again. Always tell those guys like you know good things find a way to win. And today we found a way. Coach. I was just going to say that you know good teams find a way to win and you guys were able to find a way even though it was ugly. Um, such a different game from yesterday from 24 hours from a game in which You know the basket. Just everything you threw up when in versus you know this game totally opposite. But you anticipated this. You know that Bradley is one of the better defensive teams in the country and they showed it. Yeah, they're big. They're physical. They're old. They're well coached. Um Again. They're tough that that's her whole M o on. They're gonna make it a rock fight, And And they did, um, give their defense a lot of credit, But I was proud to see that we were able to kind of reciprocate that can make them every single point they got at the other end. Which is good for us, because I think we have a chance to be a really good offensive team on if our defense can be what it was today, and we've got to be better on the glass. Now I was way gave up too many offensive rebounds, especially in the first half. I felt like they got every loose ball. Um, we gotta clean up those areas, but but overall, you know, we just found a way. Oh, Chode, um in the ball game, you could say towards the end there he had the ball and probably should not have had a shot near the end. I think you were called to pull it out. But then, at the very end, I thought he showed it off a lot of poise for a freshman, a great athletic ability. If you want to get the ball to Paul Scruggs and he was he was obviously covered up photo made the decision to slash down the right side of the lane. Used his great athletic ability to go over a terrific shot blocker and child and banking off the glass for the winning margin for the Musketeers. Yeah, you know, I told I told the one possession before he should have pulled it out. He knows that. No, we're up by two. There were 34 seconds or whatever. It was on the clock like a man. Let's just finish out. Get down. You gotta learn right and again. It's a learning experience for him. Uh, you know, we've already spoken about it. Try to call time out that Earl, there are one of the officials couldn't hear me towards the end of it, but But you know what to come back the next play. I knew if they were going to pick up full court, I told the one I said they just go for right by him to go right to the rack. And put pressure on the rim. And if somebody helps in and you kick it out, and you drop it off, But it's a heck of a finished by the one great great play by a boy's freshman coach, and you talked about I think Joe asked you. Ah, couple days ago. What do you expect from your captains? And I think one of the things you said to settle this down when things aren't going well, And I thought in this game, you're three captains were really solid. Obviously that Freeman, I was just just got you off to a great start. First time he played against the seven footer. Um, but I really like a lot. What would Carter Carter did in that game? I mean, he was really on the boards made a big rebound on a missed free throw down the stretch. And then with a big block against child's, he came over and double team talked about talk about your 33 captains and how they helped you win this game. Yeah, I told those guys leading into the game and said Hey, fellas, you're gonna be that's gonna have to play a lot of minutes. We don't have any guys right now. And it kind of is what it is. We gotta find Bill to fight through fatigue. Coaching, but playing back to back games, and I thought Jason Carter makes an incredible winning plays. Like you said with the tip in what is the big time block many product that in there? I mean, he had 11 rebounds. Uh, which I could be mistaken. Maybe his career high here its savior. Um, I thought Jack obviously made some big shots and big plays. Scruggs had seven assists was living in the paint. Um, play good defense. And even that shot Terry. No one hit that left corner man. I was a contested three after two pump fakes. Um, I got pull it all three of those guys really stepped up a Z game one coach. Their defense. Do you think it was more more more their defense or was it a little bit fatigue on your team? Just not being able to not not having that condition to be playing at a high level in back to back games, or was it Something they were doing defensively Or was it an off night or or what? What's your take on it? You know, being a little bit of combination of all that, you know. I mean, like, I can't pin it on one thing specifically, I think all guys are gassed. Just been honest. There are guys who really tired when I used to playing games. You know what this is? We have played games since last March. They were playing back to back days, and we have to play another game tomorrow at noon, So recovery's gonna be important. But again, Bradley should get defensive. Tina's well, I thought I liked some of the looks that we had. On. I think we usually not goes in. But again. We just didn't today. And But again, we didn't hang our heads, which I was really, really practice. I got I said this yesterday in my press conference afterwards. Hey, what did you find out about your team yesterday? I really didn't know. You know, it's like when we hit adversity. Who are we?.

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