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You got to do whatever you can to to make it work so well See, It's right in front of them. We'll see what they can do with it. Alright, JD. We'll go check out that the media spread that they're going to offer up. So if I stadium and report back to us later on tomorrow, I'm sure be hearing plenty from you on ESPN 1000. Here's the beauty of this party scouting it out, saying, I mean, it's not like the meatball sandwiches we get in Soldier field real, but I mean and they have They have packaged prepackaged cops. Salad stamp it variety of things. You know what? I'm going to stamp a picture and send you guys? Yeah, yes. Tweeted out. JD. Crosses speech. He loves the media meals across the country. But if she saw what they have here, Yeah, Unbelievable. Okay. Gotta go. Yeah, he tweeted out. We will retweet you and to grab the mask E as well lost humanity. He had the market. Uh, listen, it's your first time there experiences from coast to coast, but I will text rob privately keywords level of agitation that I still wanted 10. Usually in a good day, that is seven. Today I am going to probably about 13 or 14. I feel like if you did it one time in your credit, Ross Tucker and say, Like, You know, an hour of my man, Ross talker. My first time at Sophie got to let the folks know of what they're Serving up here for the pregame spread. He'd be okay with it. But your call may be the truce is Rob don't want to ruin that. He's a star. And like I said, I think if you credit him, though, I don't think he'd be too upset. I don't think so. Be there. But, Hey, your call. Alright, JD. Thanks. As always, we will be talking to you all throughout their all throughout the season. So thanks for popping on today. Thanks to enjoy the game. All right. Jeff Dickerson live from Sofi Stadium. This is the Chicago Bears pregame show on ESPN. 1000 brought to you by three Key and Valparaiso University. I'm Jeff Miller alongside ABC seven. Dionne Miller. We are bringing you up till seven o'clock as the Bears get set to take on the Rams at so if I stadium in Los Angeles idea where you want to go from here, we got plenty of things to cover so many things to talk about. Is anything went near whistle here. I'm kind of mad. We didn't take this on the road for the first one. We should have done that. We should have been itself should have been itself. I say That's a good point. All right, we're gonna We're gonna discuss that in the break. Sure where we're going to go. I think I think week too. It's a much stronger possibility that we could we could be there for For the pregame show as the Bears will have their home opener next week, but plenty to cover here on the pregame show. Maybe up next. We discussed the fact that Sean McVeigh Is preparing for two quarterbacks. He knows Justin Fields on the Bears roster, and it's not just Andy Dalton that he's got his guys prepped and ready for. He's got thoughts about Justin Fields playing. We'll talk about that next. You're listening to the ESPN Chicago pregame show on ESPN 1000, Chicago's home for Sports. Cap and Jay Hood taste next time ever cut on the man game that I did not train my quarterback..

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