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Council. Yes, I do eight twenty four seven twenty WGN. It's me Andrea darlas want to give you a little bit of a programming note. Here we started this new show a couple of weeks ago under the the guy the guidance have our bosses Todd manly. And Stephanie Menendez rather seventy Tichenor Michael Heideman is the producer of our great show. And we started the show Andrea and the reporters, so it's me and a panel of reporters every Monday from seven until eight o'clock, and if there's a hawks game or northwestern basketball game it'll be on a Tuesday, but it's called Landry and the reporters, that's what you've been listening to for the past couple of weeks. So it's kind of the kind of the official launch is what we did a few weeks ago, we have had amazing panelists. If so it's an honor for me to talk all of my colleagues in the business. We see each other out and about covering different stories, and we all have said, you're really strong respect for each other. And the purpose was to tell you are listening audience a little bit about us in our background stories because we all speak to students and. Student groups, and we have wonderful interns and associate producers here at the radio station, WGN TV as well and all of our media partners here in Chicago. And we asked a lot of questions about stories we cover so we just thought we would bring that dialogue to you kind of in a little bit of a Milt Rosenberg a tribute. So you can learn a little bit about us. And what we do. And tonight, we had an cavenaugh Marianne a Hearn and Shia campus, and I know, you know, all of their names, I they're all over the news and Cavanaugh was a reporter for Fox News for many many many years. She owns her own company now where she does media training and public relations is called media pros twenty four seven Marianne Ahern. You can see your pretty much every night on NBC five she and Carol marina de his thumb in the weeds. I say I've WMA Q. She covers religion and politics. And then she said she tries not to bring up both in the same conversation, especially at the dinner table, and she a campus. If you don't know her name, you absolutely should she was with the Chicago Tribune, Crain's Chicago business works for political and writes a daily newsletter, which you should get from your Email. It's called illiterate playbook, and it tells you. Anything and everything that you need to know about politics in the state of Illinois and the city of.

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