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Was male glee. Okay and because I had already had jim they were like well. This is the only class left that you can take a while. So I'm coming into the class. I got on all Ridge. A Uh Rain White Nike jogging suit with Jordan's on I got the dark shades on the baseball cabinet. I'm looking at guys in the tenth grade with dress shirt song you know I'm like Oh my God what is this. I ended up meeting too young new one name. Is Tom Brown. And other the women who dare Derek Clarke so these two young men just to show you the power and the amazement of how the universe works these. These two young men put their arms around them and they were in the senior class in their sound like Luther Vandross so he sound like big luther guy big big look so They really gave me the opportunity to be myself and not have to conform to you. Know what everybody felt. I should just say hey man do your do your be yourself by After that they brought in a couple of other guys one was the class. Ask President His. Name's Eric Johnson. And other young man was your alley was on the newspaper now just to show you the caliber who these gentlemen word. So Derek Shine both have passed. All Chevron has had changed his name to out of South Gate Sean. Is the son of Rosa Parks okay. He passed on underground. They were doing tour and they were bringing kids back. Underground railroad and the bus that they were on flipped over and failed on ravine and in the process of him. Helping everybody get out. He perished One of my other brothers your Allah. Now it's over. He's right over here and tactile. He's him James Kim Genius Brush Bro. Yeah absolutely I know his six is coming very. There's right so you already know his story story like when we talk. Maybe about three months ago about how we weren't able to walk across the stage as we graduate and turns out we both had like we had like a two point. Oh grade point average and graduating sounds like to see where he's at. See where I'm at what we are doing. This like the Amazing Air Eastern is over and saw fuel has his own business now with helping individuals and is like they really put into. I mean even back then the hangman. You can be better than what your circumstances are and curate afford now absolutely solicit framing because You Sing. I didn't get a chance to graduate. Walk across the stage had less than a two point. Oh Man Yeah. Why should still but you took that You know through process of life some the things you experienced some some things help to redirect you and get you own path. You learned a lot whether it was the motivation of the ladies to get you ask has who that all right so I mean I. We have to learn how to leverage. When we're speaking about our youth we have to learn how to leverage what motivates them right and? So whether it's their you know attractions or whatever their appetites are meeting with it and so for you. At the time it was you know. Part of it was gadfly. Didn't fly for the ladies. Well for the lady stay out of jail because you know it was it was really issue back then for me I listen I try to always put a little sugar on it because again Everybody isn't ready to hear just the degree to which you have been behaved so now let people know. It's been a really a big transition for me to go from where I was to where I am now. Right and people like man. I just can't see that any like that's because I really worked hard on renew and myself and rebrand myself. Yeah so that that stereotype that I was following at the time just didn't stick and that's what I try to talk to the kids. Ah Too because pilot brothers today serves individuals who are in middle school that starting at twelve years okay. So we're working with we're in process now trying they do some things with the schools so that we can reach. Are you earlier. But it started out with just trying to help individuals who were in community who are transitioning home from jail Single a single father all the things that I was going through and so I created it to help them get into the skilled trades. Now we're helping pulse a program now for computer programs in all of this all the things that I was missing that I never got the chance to have somebody another brother say. Hey man come on get into this right you know. I know you making money on the street. It's a better way to do it without having to worry about the police and so that's what I try to help out with now. So they really played a great part in it. Oh that's awesome man. I was just having a conversation with my pastor. We were talking about the young men at our church and so our young men are actually Madison. Bless young guys. All all of those young men that are college age are in College. And that's you know We have been able to have one hundred percent graduation of one hundred percent graduation rate. I am none of the young men. Have you know a none of the young men are incarcerated Thank God and under the young men at this point there in there you know teens. Early Twenties They don't have children yet. I mean so. I mean when when people are taught better or when people are given opposite option resources. Resource Resources is opportunities right and so That that's huge right and so you guys are both authors and What I love about what you've shared just in your your testimony testimony here? Is that when you come to those crossroad moments. If you are not given the knowledge the information to teaching and training it doesn't provide for you the opportunities unity's washes even if the resources exist and hopefully she used to say simply like this. If you know better do better right right. So coach is also so an author and so we go from what okay. You've now what his answer is. No child left behind the anxious right. That's what that's what she'd be excellent about where we hadn't even conversed about prior to coming on. Did you know that still genius. His at Dawson Elementary Middle School. No I didn't know that. Yeah I know you'll is everywhere. You are all over the world like it's crazy. Stinginess is a great program and he ain't taking those shorts right now so let's growing by leaps and bounds. Not at all. I mean so the fares will you know that his yes right I mean and you're right. It's a beautiful fame. Shoutout man so listen The answer talk to me about it coach minding purpose in building relationships in the classroom. Now this huge talking about building relationships absolutely talked to me about the book. What made I made you want to write the book and then 'cause it's narrated and it's also illustrated very child-friendly? Talk to me about the answer. Because you have Abba claim to fame that you have the answer. Well here. What is the answer? Rub It in a nutshell you know. It was based on Life experiences you know and and a challenge challenge that my mom gave me you know as I was getting a lot of trouble here near and at the Middle School High School frame age. She gave me this challenge. Because I was always going around the house and my little grimes and what this own way. No way you can't just go past that rhyme was man You're listening to the funky four plus one more no nickname they gave me. You know my nickname was thrown. You know so that's my stage name. Okay you yeah you know and it was just GonNa go look younger brothers and sisters. You know they couldn't say Mama the real name when I my natural name. They don't know how they got. They used to say known. Okay then they start calling me through knee and they shorten it doom. What's up on okay just like wow you know? So with the nickname and the mix of it always flowing around the house or whatever Marin Hold on are you okay. All right here you know all right I got you know you liked Mike Star. Pan The bills. I'm GonNa get me a check always much respect but now with dealing with the kids that we work with every day we make sounds sounds moves. And we'll be doing it this way. So I'm on the drawing board experiences with my crew so we're going to break it down and this is what we do. We educate demonstrate relate and take it to to another skill set because you WanNa make your mindset wet if they wanted. They're going to get it if they thirsty. We're GONNA make it happen real quick. So that's the way that we do. Of course I'm talking about the FAM- year owned my brothers all right yeah bars Lawrence. We know you're gonNA have to come. We get on. Get on the next video for Edgy. Cypher Oh man yeah okay and so. That's the story behind. The books gave me the challenge. She she is like look if you put as much time into these rhymes that you doing right as you onto your schoolwork you'll be all day student so in high school. My teachers started letting me like my speech teacher. I wrote my speeches the speeches then my conclusion. He gave me the opportunity to wrap my conclusions so I would just break it down in you know and it just men over and I found out I was smart enough. Not Miss Decker. She plugged into me. She's a you know you smart enough to actually go to college and I'm like really you know I'm like well. Why are you so hard on? meet the rest of them. You know you only make continental he only got Wright half appeared grab you know Bryant. He the only one to three or four sentences and here. I am going to tell me you got to write a ten page paper and I'm like why are you telling me to write a ten page paper. She liked 'cause you can do it lessens so you know you wrote that paper and now it's like man you know winter you know Nice School to get my degree because I mean my high school diploma. 'cause they're by was like man. I'm like man I get a chance. I'm like I got a chance to talk to the school. Counselor go to school so I had to lead a block early so they used used to tell me and tease me like look at you. You can't even get jokes. Say 'cause you gotTa go to twenty four hour going to school. I'm like hey I I took all that you know I'm like hey I gotta go man I got. I can't miss this class. I passed made it you know graduated on time with my class. Last year we went on from there. And I and our self-proclaimed myself you know that college kid with a street degree. If I didn't get knowledge. Then where would I be. You know absolutely all right. Don't make me have gone. I'm not reading on tonight. Owen yeah well. Here's the thing though like I want you to just take a moment and this is for those that are watching to take a moment. I have coach Nate. Half brother brother to mock here But some of you all share that same story or or a common narrative. Because here's the thing stores that were telling tonight are more common within our community than not so I would like for our stories to be Somewhat rare right but unfortunately for a lot of our young brothers that that we can tell the same story and not our hair like. Yeah me too right. Yeah Oh but think about it like this. Had you not chose to make a different decision decision. Now I want you to get the images of this all of the children all of the men people in your community your individual families. Your daughter's what is your son's had you chose to make a different decision. Who would they have to depend on.

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