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To twenty one. The FBI says actress Laurie Laughlin has been taken into custody in connection with. The scheme in which wealthy parents paid bribes to get their children into top colleges. FBI spokeswoman Laura I'm Miller says Laughlin was taken into custody Wednesday morning in Los Angeles. CBS news legal analyst Rikki Cleveland talked about the criminal charges about the scam on CBS this morning for dealing with mail fraud wire fraud conspiracy to commit these crimes. And what you have here are two schemes you have the cheating that is the test taking or the paying for others to take the test the scoring the test. And then you have the one that's really complicated, which is showing that your children are athletes when they're not so that they get in as they put it through a side door since the kids didn't know about it a lot of the kids to they still get to stay in school. Well, it's an interesting question Gail, I think the parents are facing serious time. And perhaps when I mean by that is prison jail for this. We're talking to parents. Yeah. And I don't think that we should look away from that before I get to the children because the people are so angry about this case. Yeah. So the parents need to be punished severely in order for there to be deterrence. Now, let's look at the kids some of the kids really didn't know. But you also have to believe that some of the kids didn't now. And so are they going to be criminally prosecuted possibly, but highly unlikely so what happens to them in college. If they're in college. Now, isn't the remedy with the college does the college expelled them? How about the people who already got to grease does the college then decided to re sing those spins on to to employment because everything has been falsified since the beginning. How these parents did their children? No, favours CBS. News legal analyst, Ricky Cleveland, man. CBS this morning.

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