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Lane. It's our WWE. Newsradio nine fifty American ac- some snow tonight, it could be mixed with some rain early on during the evening, but ultimately, the snow accumulating an inch. Perhaps to around metro Detroit by morning rose will just be wet for a while. But as it gets colder things get to be a little icy, and then snow covered until treated temperatures will be around twenty nine at daybreak. Four tomorrow, brisk and cold, clouds and leftover flurries. Early highly thirty six we got thrown into the icebox. Tomorrow night is the sky clears a lowest sixteen to twenty two Wednesday, sunshine, cold high thirty seven clouding up Thursday with a high of forty one. We could see a little war snow, perhaps some rain Thursday night. This is Accu weather meteorologists Dave Bowers on WJ NewsRadio nine fifty snow is falling boy that twenty three corridor right now, we're seeing that also flakes flying in western McComb county northern Oakland County expected to hit the city, Detroit and the greater area and the moments ahead. Rain is turning into snow as we speak thirty eight degrees right now at metro. Airport. Flakes are beginning to fly downtown. It's thirty eight traffic and weather together around the clock on the eights, always online at WW, Jane, NewsRadio dot com. It into bringing you the top news of the day. The news watch never stops on the Michigan association of broadcasters station of the year. Newsradio nine fifty. WJ as we've been reporting winter weather is poised to roll through metro-detroit overnights. Possibly one to two inches of snow before it's all said and done speaking live just moments ago on W W J Craig Bryson with the road commission for Oakland County says the main thing they're watching this evening is the thermometer and win it'll really start to freeze sometime after midnight, but could be as late as to him. So we want to kind of watch that we're trying to go a little bit more detailed forecasts and figure that out. That's going to be the key. Stay with w w j for traffic and weather updates every ten minutes on the.

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