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Bob Evans sides from the grocery store to be love at first bite I reported on Keighley news radio eight fifty A. M. a ninety four one FM fox thirty one pinpoint whether we are on our way to seventy degrees this weekend today is going to be pretty nice too with sunshine and a high in the mid sixties right now we have sixty three degrees at DIA our top story on K. away president trump says it is safe to fly in the United States despite the ongoing corona virus threats saying the government has been proactive in stopping travel to dangerous areas where these people are flying it's safe to fly and large portions of the world a very safe to fly Colorado Republican Scott Tipton says he is confident Congress will be appropriating whatever funds are needed to battle covered nineteen corona virus was followed to science and make sure that we have the resources that are going to be needed to be able to make sure that our health community is going to be able to aggressively fight to the western slope congressman telling K. O. A. news radio that he is concerned that rural hospitals and clinics do not have enough facemasks but Tipton is confident after talking with governor Poloz said federal officials at Colorado we'll be prepared if we see cases of the virus here with a half a dozen new cases of corona virus found in Los Angeles county and more nearby in Orange County both city and county of LA are declaring states of Martin C. city officials there say it is a possibility for business disruptions and schools being closed as well as public events being cancelled a bill that would allow college athletes in Colorado make money from the use of their images or likeness is now heading to the governor's desk the bill passed the Colorado house this morning on a fifty five to nine vote the bill's sponsor says the bill sends a message to colleges across the country that students have a right to share the wealth that they bring to their institutions Denver city councilman is taking heat after retweeting a meme that says if I get the coronavirus I'm going to make every mega rally I canned candy see the box as people say it was a sarcastic reference to the president's handling of the outbreak political analyst Eric Sunderland says what ails our political system these days on both the hard left and hard right the the level of discourse in the outright hate that is out there for people who disagree or other or of a different mindset it's what is B. definitely in our country and gives you the Barca is a part of the problem not a part of the solution the research which has since been deleted after failing to win any of the fourteen states taking part in super Tuesday former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is dropping out of the race supporting Joe Biden joining people that judge and Amy called Afshar who did it just days ahead of super Tuesday in a video posted on Twitter today jeopardy host Alex Trebek is updating his fight against pancreatic cancer the one year survival rate for stage for pancreatic cancer patients is eighteen percent I'm very happy to report I have just reached that marker to access the last year has not been easy in the video he talks about pain and depression but he says he's had to cast that aside Wall Street is positive so far today up almost three percent gaining seven hundred seventy four points the S. and P..

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