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How are you? I'm excellent. Have the ink is still wet on my Crain's Detroit business February eleven through the seventeen. Crain's Detroit a renaissance on the river, but we start off with what you're talking about regarding the governor, and we just had her on. And of course, we we know the mantra we know what she's gonna talk about inter state of the union address. And we hope she can be successful in all the things that are to be covered. But you start off with a highlight this week about the governor. We we we we took a took a deep look at uh. Created sort of a report card on and and the real state of the state. It's the first installment in a new feature. We created called Crain's forum, which is gonna look at various economic and business issues in our state on a monthly basis. We identified many things besides the roads that that that needs some tension. We're kind of an economic boom time. So now is the time to fix these things. We lag other states and people who are working people with college degrees. Where following you mentioned, the the you report on school funding? We're falling in state education rankings. I think that's a pretty large concern for the governor. We also as part of the section solicited opinion columns from a number of leaders around the state, and what their priorities for the governor would be March this'll way Wilson from Wayne State skillman foundations Tanya Allen and a bunch more. Excellent and moving on from that other up in the corner. It says bingles unsung role as mentor and in the far right corner. Pistons launch B to be networking, and you also feature a quiet technology success story brewing in Ann Arbor. No in Rochester harbor. This is really something is company called one stream software. They make. Software for for CFO's finance software for companies, you've probably never heard of they're out in Rochester base there. They made a deal last week that deal to sell part of the company to the private equity firm KTAR that you'll values that company have more than a million billion dollars with a b and there's a name for that. They'd be calling me unicorn company, and so it can valley we have one right now on backyard. There aren't that many of them not they had this company's only been around since two thousand ten they haven't really advertised or media exposure, and they just kind of quietly been been growing, they have some really big customers UPS others, and it's a good news for for for for business. Client, lots of lots of good stuff. If you will in the current issue of Crain's Detroit business. Including a checking in Saint Clair county, and and a place called the Saint Clair in and more remembrance of John Dingell, including those from Tom Lewan. Former president of the Detroit Lions now CEO of shy Nola who spent time as an intern for Dingell and some some great stories there too. Yeah. He had he had a lot of interesting things to say considered considered Dingle of a mentor, and you said we he learned is the problem in scared of service to others. Even if you disagree. You can still be tough. You can still still still work to get what you want. But you can also find a common resolution to the dispute, and I think that's a pretty good lesson for us..

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