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I'm advised that there is someone from the secretary of state's office on way over to accept this lack of nation state emergence of a state of emergency for los angeles city in los angeles county and and it is our purpose here at the state government level to restore law and order and to minimize the danger to the residents of the area this is as a matter that needs to be settled in the courts and not in the streets thank you in nineteen ninety two four l. a. police officers were acquitted in connection with the vicious beating and arrest of rodney king after a traffic stop king who was block was tasers hit with batons tackled to the ground and handcuffed four white police officers continued to be king while he was on the ground he he was hit over fifty times with a baton and received eleven fractures over twenty other police officers stood and watched as has the beating took place we know this because the beating was videotaped by a local resident using a camcorder remember this was long before smartphones and nothing like this had ever been seen by the public before the four officers were charged with using excessive force a year later on april twenty nine nine hundred ninety two a mostly white jury consisting twelve residents from the distant suburbs of ventura the county acquitted the four officers the rodney king beating came following years of racial and economic inequality in the city on top of heavy tension between the black community and the LAPD which is famously captured by rap group n w as nineteen eighty-eight hit fox fuck the police so when the not guilty verdict came down it's like los angeles blew a gasket within hours of the verdict fury over the acquittal spilled into the streets resulting in five days of rioting in los angeles according to an NPR retrospective respective in two thousand seventeen residents set fires looted and destroyed liquor stores grocery stores retail shops and fast food restaurants light-skinned motorists both white and latino were targeted some were pulled out of their cars and beaten you might remember the helicopter after footage from above the intersection of florence and normandy in south central LA the epicenter of the riot reginald denny a white truck truckdriver was pulled from his truck and beaten he was attacked with a tire iron a fire extinguisher and brick four people emerged from from the crowd to rescue him and drove him and his eighteen wheeler to safety the whole thing was captured on videotape and shortly after the governor of california declared a state of emergency and called eleven hundred marines six hundred army soldiers and sixty five hundred national guard troops to patrol the streets from april thirtieth to may fourth dusk-to-dawn curfews were enforced in the city and county of los angeles until the riots were finally extinguished by the time it was all over fifty people had died and over two thousand were injured throughout los angeles county damages were estimated at over one billion dollars and thousands of buildings were damaged or destroyed so this was on everyone's mind when a verdict was reached in the OJ simpson case if he was found guilty what would happen in LA would there be another another riot defense lawyer johnnie cochran had stoked the racial tension throughout the trial by suggesting to the jury that simpson was framed by white white police detective mark furman and there was a racist conspiracy within the police department in his closing arguments cochrane called furman a genocidal genocidal racist and compared him to adolf hitler prosecutors ridiculed the police conspiracy theory and in his closing argument christopher darden who is black told the jury the defendants fame and race should not affect the way justice handed out emotions nations were high inside the packed courtroom and around the nation as the verdicts were read by the court clerk OJ simpson flanked by his lawyers faced the jury after the clerk read the words not guilty in the death of nicole brown simpson o j looked stunned momentarily then he smiled a slow oh uncertain smile as johnny cochran slapped him on the back then OJ let out a deep breath when the clerk read not not guilty in the death of ron goldman loud crying could be heard in the courtroom and the camera panned to the people in the crowd ron goldman sister mr was bent over sobbing her father was rubbing her back in interviews since the verdict including one this year with howard stern kim goldman has said when she looked up johnny cochran looked at her and mouths the word gotcha OJ was also seen mouthing the words thank you to the jury number one as to count one is this your verdict number two s to count one is this your verdict juror number three s account one is this your verdict juror number four as to count one verdict juror number five s to count one is this your verdict juror number six s to count one as the juror was pulled by the court clerk to confirm the verdict the camera pan to the prosecution table marcia marcia clark and christopher darden sat stone-faced and disbelief the whole time kim goldman could be heard sobbing in the background ron stepmother potty goldman dropped to her knees his father fred goldman shut his eyes and then seemed to draw back as if he were punched or his heart stopped the relatives of nicole brown simpson including her mother and her sister stared blankly at the jury as tears or stream down their faces OJ's family wiped away tears of joy as did OJ's lawyer and friend robert kardashian the father of the famous kardashians were so busy keeping up with today outside the courthouse more than a thousand people filled the streets and sidewalks walks they listened to the verdicts on portable radios and they cheered wildly when they heard the words not guilty i was outside the courthouse to it was hot and smoggy and i could see a dozen or so helicopters hovering over the area i was in the thick of it it was mayhem but but not the kind of mayhem that people feared it was a joyous celebration there would be riots police were on foot shoulder to shoulder making a wall between the people and the doors to the courthouse other officers were on horseback and snipers were perched on nearby buildings watching the crowd from above despite the heavy v police presence it's still kind of felt like a victory party most of the people i talked to thought justice had been served we're celebrating people victory that's why we're i'm here same reason i'll be at work right now but i will be into over boston on the old police out here to like you know it's good for the people to be keep an eye on them you never know what can dirty brutality in justice served been fighting for so long need back from day one we know he was innocent happened take down here tonight i wanted to taste victory that just wanted to pay according to opinion polls taken throughout the trial while an overwhelming majority of blocks in the US believed the famous footballer and actor was an innocent man victimized by whites and an equally significant proportion of white americans believe that simpson had in fact murdered his ex wife and ron goldman the OJ trial l. had been a stark reminder of racial divisions in the US so whether OJ was found guilty or innocent it would have meant huge segments of the country we're going to feel betrayed by the verdict someone had to lose outside the courthouse some of those who were unhappy with the verdict weren't shy about sharing their opinions a guy wearing a t shirt that read OJ is guilty wandered into the crowd and argued about the jury's decision he's he's a murderer he's guilty he raced didn't say shit more it is not a good man that's not right what he said what i attribute that from the start you could you believe anything that they takes kilter you know moving it had been done it's not it's not innocent but even baby when i didn't want rice that resentment boiled over when police finally announced that OJ had left the building it has been released today is here have gone the office in the whole time i was in the crowd i was filing reports back to my radio news station in toronto talking live on the air with talk show hosts there has been no other than the police talking to the public and a couple of times in the police did talk to the public buck people shouted angrily LAPD guilty LAPD guilty at one point the shift of officers that were manning sort of the the the street in this area last for their break in a new group came in and as they were leaving they were booed as they walked away mostly it has been people that support oh jay.

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