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It is by me Joe Jeanie, and you can find it in all those places, and it's eight songs long says not too long, and I recommend it. It's the best thing I've ever done, very cool. So what was it like actually getting to do like a pro produced album? Take me a little bit through that. It's awesome. Because. The the fellow who produced at a guy named Charlie. Neal into works out of green point he's worked with bands that I've been involved with before. So I knew him, but I didn't know that. Well, and he's just tremendous. He's he's done this for many many years, and there's just like having a second set of ears to be like, I think we should add this occasionally sort of adding in an instrument line himself. But also just like knowing all of these tricks picked up over decades, it really gave me a tremendous respect for the art of music production. All these tricks like make the because I would I record most of it in my room, and then I would bring the recordings down, and he would bring these layers out of the recordings where like parts of the baseline that. I had forgotten that I'd recorded would appear in his mixes where they were not there in my own mixes, and I've been doing this for twenty years. So, but he's just like tremendously good. So to have someone that competent and just technically, proficient. But also with. Musical sense working on it has been tremendously rewarding. So it's good. So what is your favorite track on the album? That's tough. There's the track six on. It is called marver. Mayo named after the the non-existent inland sea that the Spanish thought off California from the mainland, and it's very satisfying tune. It's about me coming back to New York where I'm much happier that I wasn't DC and. Sort of very smooth flowing aren't really cords per se. It's kind of drifting it's very sort of like like new wave ballad type, and I'm pretty proud of it. So I think that's probably the best one interesting. Interesting so go and check it out make sure you get on anyone of the nine different locations that Joe Judy rattle off there at the start of where you can find this album. Get yourself a copy of it. Now, Joe, let's get a North Korea. I was told about a year ago that I could sleep easy now because North Korea has been completely denuclearized. And I was shocked chagrin de of into read that in fact, that's not the case. And that this summit did not go, particularly well where things stand between the United States and North Korea. What is happening over there? So I mean, so I it does kind of rate the whole idea of how Trump does diplomacy. It kind of been thinking also about the standoff that's going on between. India and Pakistan and the extent to which there was about a two or three day period in it. We're both sides were writing their own narratives and facts just ceased to matter completely. India said, we have hit a terrorist base in Pakistan revenge. We are victorious Pakistan said we have thwarted them whether or not the base was hit was irrelevant. Whether another any casualties was irrelevant. Both sides felt good. And I thought that for a moment if you just have these leaders with enough bombast and disregard of all facts, telling their domestic constituencies what they wanna hear perhaps we really can have peace in our time, regardless of the geostrategic situation. Unfortunately, that's not exactly how it's played out particularly because the Pakistan build peace in our time on a bed of lies. Why? Well, I mean, so the thing about North Korea is until two thousand six there. I mean, so the thing about North Korea is there's so much weaker than we are. And at this point so much weaker than South Korea is militarily that their entire posture. Militarily has basically been that of a hostage-taker they've been like, we know we're gonna lose..

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