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I'm not. I'm not knee deep yet, but I'm getting into it. That's all Canadian. Yeah. You know, the funny thing is Two is you could do the same exercise that we've done it well, you could do the same exercise with music because they'll they'll export. Ah, like for you pick particularly to a year all time type. Russia's a Canadian band one of my favorites. Then you got your Neil Young's. You Got your Your Bryan Adams because that's when I was waiting. You got to believe you're more sets. Isn't she? Canadian? Yes. Yeah, Bring out Bring out a Morissette. Murphy. Give respect to one. Although Nova you can't you gotta bring in some of the 70 that some of the weepy seventies balladeers like a Lightfoot. Perhaps a Murray. Family. I believe I believe it by the way wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald the song I've never liked. Ranked Way too high in the top 300 of the city once again ahead of Sergio Dude about 150 wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald was like in the top 30. I was like, Whoa, what's going on here? Come on, You know you used to reference the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald on more than one occasion to Jim Harbaugh. What that's like. Don't Gordon Lightfoot song Record The Edmund Fitzgerald? Yeah. Do you know that song following? I don't know if I'd done a lot out of it and it it out. Yeah, I suppose so. Yeah, I suppose I do. Yeah, Anyway, it's awful and it gets stuck in my head anyway, I think he's Canadian thing, and I believe and Murray and Murray You're doing her thing. Robbie Robertson, the band Canadian. They got him, but he's Canadian. Gotta you gotta Um, Coach. Did you watch any of the hockey last night? Did not. You know what was going on until it was over? Yeah, I caught a little bit of the Heisman stuff. But how about like, Yeah, because I don't need I don't need it. Now we're gonna have build up to them, You know, right way name. They knew what it was in an envelope with a video like they have really turned that thing into one of the great, awkward even when it's live and in person. It's super awkward. It was the night Army Navy, usually right. It's always like that, especially after them and even But then there's always this long part. You know, they got the family's there. And then there's like, you know, Sometimes the director doesn't give the cute admires, and he doesn't know when to talk or whatever. And there's like people sitting there, and there's usually somebody coughing in the audience, you know, But the one thing I will say that it's always golden for though, is is the return of the past Heisman winners to check out how these guys are looking. And like the Mike Rozier with the brim every year, you know, Twitter world this is it was truly he was not part of the scene, and you know what this needs to be said, because this could even make it Come on, Great of you Something you don't watch there, and this is I don't wanna, uh, set aside the O. J refer second for I'm gonna get serious for 30. Seconds here and say this. This happened over the last month and didn't get nearly perfected. Didn't get any of the deserved. I know. Dave Fleming mentioned this on can be our Ted Robinson puts it, then our social media Todd Husak reached out to me over Christmas to try to get some people involved. This was the 50th anniversary of Jim Plunkett Heisman Trophy season at Stanford, and there was nothing done about it. Nothing. There was no tributes. There was nothing official. I mean, I know there's a frickin pandemic, but do Jim Plunkett continues to just walk around? With arguably one of the great resumes, and they checked everywhere in sports. His checks every freaking box. It's starting with the Heisman Trophy. How many people walking around? No. Jim Plunkett won the Heisman Trophy. Not enough. Not enough. Not enough, right? That's the answer. That same year he won the Rose Bowl. Okay. He won the frickin Rosabal for Stanford and beat was in Ohio State was like number 12 or three and he caught my eye originally in the Rose Bowl, All right Number one number one pick in the draft. Number one pick in the draft, and then you know, probably New England, 40 Niners and then obviously to your guy. Yeah, he finally came home to the home of champions. Then he found paradise Red, white and blue. I don't know what you're talking about. Wasn't remember the 50 years and I think the wild remembered it every day. I think the Raider team he want to Super Bowl with Plunkett and get over the Eagles. I think that was a wild card team think they won three games with the first wild card team. There you go. Yes, well cards and then I mean, I don't mean to be. I'm not trying to be in polite here it all because I know his family listens, and in fact, one of his brothers or cousins once won a trip to Hawaii. But I'm just going to say that when it comes to great middle age like C P A. Looks versus like retired athlete who still looks ripped up and Gino Torretta. You know, to read out with the balding and you know a little bit of the punch. He's just like, you know what? And now he's yours. Now. He's like he's the guy who does your taxes. You went from being the Heisman Trophy winner. So the guy want doing my taxes man on then, just all the other looks. It's great to see. You know, it was great to see hell they were. They were all over the place Last night..

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