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Nick Mullins got zero dollars and zero sense. He was not supposed to make it last night was not supposed to happen last. That was exactly what we're supposed to happen for the raiders though. This is what they've been trending towards. This is what they have been trying to do. This is what happens when you are selling off parts at rapid pace, Jon Gruden aka the value. God. Has been trying to strip this thing down and build it back up yesterday. Took an interesting turn some sitting around. And we all we have this interview the Jon Gruden did. With FOX on Wednesday and. Just listen to what Jon Gruden says. And we'll digest it together. If you haven't heard this before this is Jon Gruden doing interview with FOX from Wednesday talking about players wanting to be Oakland, Raiders, I got a cell phone just like you and everybody else I get a lot of phone calls from people that are dying to commonplace here. I'm just telling their dying to play for the raise to have salary cap space and have a chance to talk to the people that you really want to wear the silver and black the guys you really want to where the silver black and represent this team. That's exciting. First and last here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app, man. Jon Gruden seems like he's going out of his way to make sure the guys that are on this current raiders roster know that he doesn't like them. Like, we hear all this time about coaches using the media to send a message to guys you better. Hope the Jon Gruden is the exact opposite that there is some sort of other worldly show of support going on behind closed doors, but this grown man football's the NFL, you don't have to go out to coddle anybody. But at the same time, these guys are smart they see in. No, their coach came from the media understands the media for the most part and to go out there and say this and know that it's going to get back to that locker when this I can't I can't wrap my head around this and Jon Gruden we've a media guy for the last number of years put as a football player and a football coach, I should say for a long time. This is baffling that is baffling because we're gonna we heard a lot last night about this raiders team quitting on Jon Gruden and the things that come in that territory when you're losing. And when you're trending this. Way. And when the tanking word keeps getting thrown around over and over again, all of that becomes natural in a certain way for this group. But hearing this Jon Gruden it seems like he's inviting it because what does this tell every player on this team? But you're probably not in our future plans either. We've sold off the best guys on our team to remind you in a very almost patriot esque way that you don't matter in our grand plans at this point. Now quitting a whole 'nother thing Darren Woodson are ESPN NFL analysts sportscenter yesterday and said that's not what's happening with this raiders group. There say watch Vilma say Gaza quitting on because he's a professional. These guys are out there again, they're not just playing for Jon Gruden. They're playing for everyone else. That's gonna be watching them throughout the process. It's about the lack of personnel that they have going through injuries. And they don't have any dynamic players that are out there making big place for this book ball team and today, they went out there. And like they played all all these last couple years dysfunctional with the lack of personnel. And this is what happened. And I tell you what Darren is writing this. And you're always cognizant, especially the guys that make up the meat of the bell curve at his roster that you're going to likely be playing season somewhere else in any given year to begin with. And you're always thirty one other teams are going to see this..

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