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Day fighter but yet we should just make a lot of crappy movies women that I miss. Crappy MOMS Moonshot Weirdo eighties and nineties. Movies he just they're not gonNA sorry his old man talk but there's just so many small movies that were just really fucked up and weird and just not going to happen anymore. I don't think I don't think you're GONNA get a Pulitzer today. Well Book Smart Bookmarks Nine Smart Book. Smart bookmark I went. I went back and watched. I won't back and watch total recall recently and I was thinking like that's an example of the kind of movie that that I don't I like I'm not smart enough to say what it is about that movie. That is so weird that makes it so like except for seven right. Yes Paul Villanova. And it's the it's the one where Schwarzenegger gets the memory of the Mars vacation. Yeah it's it's so silly silly movie but also he so horny he's really warning ends like super super well executed but for like I. It's like there's a lot wrong with it but also taking a big swing i. I don't know it's like the like all. The marvel movies are on most senses. The much better movies than total recall. But they're also smooth paste. It's just it's like slurry of entertainment that I don't really remember like I remember every time that Arnold Schwarzenegger like killed someone with a chainsaw and our total recall. I don't remember any events in any marvel movie like say greatly like I was so excited by cats. We're to come out of the studio system and somehow nobody noticed that this was happening so many people had to make decision for this to be the way it is so many people had either affirmatively or passively say this is okay and just got moving through the pipeline. It's incredible like was high. We were all shouting and waving phones. Jennifer or Jennifer. Hudson was singing. It was the Snot all the SNOT. Gosh like she was a different movie and that was fine. The moment when rebel Wilson. Unzips what you thought was her for. That was long. Somebody had taken a phone in the theater and shot that and put it up like the Wiki that we're gonNA came out. I just watched it that loop that over I she eats the roaches and then she gets up and she does and I was like I. I don't know what I'm watching like. I wish they had done it with like they were just doing. Cats cats doing cat movements. But I know it's wholesale is like the choreography but still I would have liked to watch really good. Cgi cats instead of like the weird cat. People HYBRID LIKE HOUSE CATS. Son's house cats quite fully door. I mean I would be on board though it would be amazing. There should be more movies with cats. The shed Max if you got any progress on buying tiger have you looked into that anymore. Veronica was not well but the Tigers bad. Yeah I think I think actually yeah. There is another update it's welcome. I think a lot of people had this experience. I started watching tiger king in the first half hour of watching tiger king. I was like I should get a tiger. It's very attainable for me. Like because they're all talking about that you can go out and get one of these things for two thousand dollars and I was like well Shit. I can get a tiger and then the more you watch tiger king. I think it probably did a pretty good job convincing me. That wouldn't be a good thing for my lifestyle just because it's does not make assumptions. Oh you took it might take away was gonNA get tiger. I'm like that was really. I think a lot of people watch you start watching it and you watch all these people buying when you're looking at the tiger cubs and they're buying them and you're like man that would be. Maybe I should get a tiger. That'd be cool. That'd be a cool interesting thing about me if I had a tiger. Well I if tigers are only a couple thousand dollars slot them. I then downgraded to the sugar glider. Here's what happened with that. It Veronica's not a fan sweet. Little Sugar Glider Name Potato. Cute can no they make sound? That's very upsetting to the Senate hacking hacking cry. Oh and they're nocturnal. So they make the sound all night. I mean that's basically a cat that flies at the baby. And then also the other thing is they they. I was thinking that it would eat berries. Sort of adorable. Like maybe I'd feed it like raspberries they eat grubs and worms and cockroaches and things like that and so Veronica pointed that out. She's like are you going to get the live critters and feed the sugar glider? The by pets your pets. Yes exactly I was like and I was like well. No and I was like. Would you do that? And she's like I don't want it to begin with so I just kept it downstairs. You keep it downstairs potato could just live in your studio. I would still need to have a special container of grubs defeat Chicago in the forceps in that I have to feed the sugar glider. The Oh Max when we feed our bearded Dragon Horn worm. He so cute because we feel it's so cute. You should get that get something you can feed that just moved for the Kerry satisfying well. And when you get something like feeding alive grub to a bearded dragon. There's just something about it. That's very dark and satisfying because they just are still at peace than so happy and just seeing them like rip it apart and it's like oh I just end. I helped end a life but they seem cool. This is actually is actually extremely dark. A Deli -tainer. This is so fucked up. I freely admit this is super fucked up. You get a deli -tainer. It's got holes in the LID. The LID is taped on because the LID. Let me get this right yeah. The LID is actually going to be sort of the floor. So when you turn it over. So what would be the bottom of the bill? Tanner is this gross light brown rudimentary paste. There's a ladder. And there's twenty five tiny horn worms on the little ladder. And they climb up there and they eat the rudimentary paste and shit down into the LID. And then sometimes you and in this Lacob you just keep in the closet and let me leave Yes yes you will soon grow row quite quite rotund giant comedy tweezers. You grab them and then you feed them to another animal. It's fucked up. I'm not I'm not like I haven't I thought about it a lot but I'm not one hundred percent. Sure that the sugar gliders deserves to live more than the GRUB I mean. That's like you're doing. That's a very confident moral calculus if you're fattening up the grubs to feed the sugar glider he feed the GRUBS you've for sure decided that the sugar glider is more important than the GRUBS and. I'm not sure I'm not that sure about Pat. Who only ever had like as an adult?.

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