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Under an initiative petition, the head of the state Republican Party hopes to place on the statewide ballot in 2022, Mass. GOP chair Jim Lyons announcing the campaign over the weekend in an email in which he put out the call for at least 2000 volunteers to help gather enough signatures to qualify the measure for the ballot. In the communication lions linked to a Monmouth University Polling institute survey in which 80% of respondents expressed support for requiring voters to show a photo ID in order to vote. Opponents of the voter I D proposals have asserted they Could discourage eligible voters from casting ballots. Former state Rep. Jeff Deal is in the running for governor of Massachusetts. The announcement coming over the holiday weekend deal is the first Republican in the race. And even though current governor Charlie Baker has yet to announce a run for a third term, he's still declare target deal. Spoke this morning with Jeff Kuhner on WR Kale. It was very disheartening to know that both he and the lieutenant governor Stated very publicly their opposition to the president that the governor Baker actually called for his impeachment as well. That is unbelievable to say that he is the top of our Republican Party here in Massachusetts deal also questions. Baker's pandemic Management, which has earned him high marks in public opinion polls, while also being described alternatively by critics is too heavy handed or not restrictive enough. On the Democratic side of the governor's race. Harvard professor Daniel Allen leading the pack in June. When it comes to fundraising Alan raised just under $103,000 in June. It has nearly $340,000 on hand. According to the state's campaign finance office, state Senator Sonia Chang Diaz took in just over 33,000 in June, though she officially locked her bed. On June 23rd former state senator been Downing, the first candidate to officially jump into the race, took in almost $40,000 in June and has a little more than 117,000 on hand. The death toll in Surfside, Florida is up to 32 after more remains were found in the rubble of the collapse..

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