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Now we want to remember a man who died of covert nineteen Wilson Roosevelt German started working at the White House when Dwight Eisenhower was president when he retired Barack Obama was in the oval office German was first hired to the White House staff as a cleaner in nineteen fifty seven but his granddaughter chante it Taylor gay says he worked his way up to poplar hosting your party heading the table grading the napkin making sure everything looks great on the table correct so they can have a fine dinner yes yes he did have his favorite first families both presidents bush and president Obama's my grandfather took his job is working with the person and learning that person for who they were instead of worrying about if they were to publications or Democrat it was all about the person as for his own family like it or not German brought his work home with him my table manners are one hundred percent because my granddad not allow words to do anything wrong at the table even to the day that he has he was teaching my daughter table at a character and how to set up your tables correctly and he savor the moments when he could take his own family to work too my grandfather would bring us to the White House Christmas party one year I went they had a white chocolate model at the White House it was amazing we got to meet a lot of presidents and he was so proud to introduce the grandchildren chante Taylor gay says her grandfather loved working in the White House so much so that when he attempted to retire in two thousand one it didn't take came back a few years later because he missed his job and he's going in he started working as a doorman and grant the elevator operator for the present extremely William Roosevelt German continue to work in the White House until he retired for good in twenty twelve she died of the corona virus on may sixteen ninety one years this is NPR news hook you with the news with Tara Siler starts after a traffic.

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