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You know michael bennett that personality has got a mission the locker room i think they'll be just fine i like what the eagles doing you never know how it's gonna work out skip because everybody thought the patriots because of what they did after they won the super bowl they signed gillislee they signed the best free agent of corner that was on the market and everybody says they're gonna go undefeated can't beat them and a funny thing happens on the way so you never know but i like the move that they've made they didn't really upset anything by doing what they did yet when bill belichick goes out and get somebody who's difficult to coach it's only one somebody because all the rest of the roster is not difficult to coach because it knows and has been taught the patriot way right so they hope that the one tough to coach player figures out how to be a pro inside this locker room at least for a little while until they can get the most use out of him and then if they have to jettison and go onto another tough to coach player they will but they only have usually one at a time and all of a sudden this is very interesting because the the quotes on espn from the nfl exacts an insiders anonymous quotes but they opened my eyes because to me football as you well know especially pro football is the ultimate unity team sort of chemistry game you have to have all for one one for all right and you can't have too many outlandish personalities who won't be all for one so all of a sudden they're just adding one after another and they got away with garrett and j j who they can be a little difficult and their own ways that's why jae jao is no longer your miami dolphin and luxair it could be a little difficult but they got away with it because he was the only difficult to coach player the head and when it was time to play he would come up big and big playoff game so good for him so now you have two running backs who can be difficult and all the sudden you bring in michael.

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