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The full day? Sure. And your your shopping the day before. If you're in the camper a lot If you have a boss that you drive, you know you've got groups of 20 friends that All pile into the boss that they bought for $300.08 years ago. Yeah. You know, like it's an experience. It's It's um it's just great and to have Sunday will be It'll be the best day of the year. It will be the best day of the year to have everybody there. Everybody will just kind of, you know. Look around and see How great is it to be back? You know how great to be back here at the stadium. I think For me. I'm not. I'm not going to go on and on about the nineties because I'll just bore people to death. But for me last season I got here in 89. There was Rob, who called us. I apologize if I got the name wrong. I got here in 89. Okay, so I got here as as things are really cooking or beginning well, After 89, But I thought last year Jeremy reminded me. I kept wondering, Is this what it was like? And like, maybe the couple years prior like 86 87. Okay. Kelly finally comes out of the USFL. You know, polling in this year they bring in Marv. They're not winning yet, but they're putting the pieces together. They got their franchise quarterback They got there. They already had their receiver. They had their stud defensive player. Oh, my gosh. They traded for Cornelius Bennett. They draft Thurman Thomas and then to me, I felt like last year, I wondered if that was like it felt to be a bills fan in 88 where you knew something. They win the division that year. Uh and they go to the championship and they lose to the Bangles. Now it doesn't go well. The next year they get bounced in the wild card, and then we know what happened. So I thought to me I didn't experience that. Yes, experienced the Super Bowl years and I mean I can't tell you how much fun that was. I hope that happens again. So with a win so people can experience that, But I thought I wonder if this is what it was like when you were there. You saw developing. You're there on the ground floor. I come to town. They're good, but to be there at the start when they go from two and 14, 2 and 14, 4 and 12, I think in Kelly's first year And then 87 was a strike year and then you win the division and you tear the goalpost down like that. Must have been a really cool feeling. I think that was last season. I'm guessing for a number of people. Um, either you go through it again. Or I think this is what it would have been like you feel We're on the brink of something special, and this is going to be for a few years. This is not a fluky one year thing. Right, GM, Right coach, Right quarterback, Right Players, talented roster. Let's go and then it, you know, Hopefully this leads to yes, a decade of being in the playoffs and being a Super Bowl contender every year because it really was up last Let's improve the game plan, Shall we? This is something going on a regular basis Football Friday. Improve the game plan. Brought to you by Bath fitter. Improve your bath in one day with bath fitter. It just fits bath fitter buffalo dot com. Uh, I did some research here because I think you would want to talk about I'm guessing you're talking about Hey, throw the ball bills, uh, passing game Briand able, utilizing that attack that philosophy from last year Josh Allen, the deep weapons against a secondary at least the corners where you surely can, I think have a big edge in the matchups on Sunday. So remember, the Steelers lost Mike Hilton in the off season. They lost Steve Nelson in the off season. Joe Haden's Their number one cornerback. Probably not going to be able to cover Stefon Diggs. Uh, Cam Sutton is okay. He might be a slot guy on the nickel, but their depth at cornerback is very suspect Good at safety. Especially Minka Fitzpatrick, but depth at quarterback very suspect and I would think there's going to be a lot of trouble for Pittsburgh to match up with the depth of the Bills wide receivers on Sunday. I'm not telling you anything that Brian Table doesn't know already, by the way, but yes, throw the ball. Um, make sure Josh is protected. You know, you got to worry about what Uh, Melvin Ingram is on the Steelers now this season. Um, they don't have stuff onto it. That helps, but they have a good front seven. But I think you can take advantage of the matchups with your receivers in this game plan against the Pittsburgh Steelers secondary on Sunday, which again is not a big surprise. No one expects the bills come out and try and run the ball. Right? Why come out and establish the run? I just if they were going to do that, maybe they watched the game last night and saw 700 passing yards and 100 rushing yards combined. So throw the ball there, Mr Dabble and throw it at their cornerbacks. That's improving the game. By the way. One other thing in terms of the game plan to watch out for is the Steelers offensive line. Okay, that's they blew up their line in the off season. So they're going to start a rookie left tackle. A rookie center. And a left guard who has four career starts on his resume. And the right tackle by reading this from reading all the Steelers stories this week. Jeremy, Everybody's talking about how the right tackle probably is better suited to be at the left tackle spot, but they need him on the right side, so they're going to start the rookie at left tackle. So I think You know, you have some areas of question big questions on the Steelers offensive line. That doesn't mean sacks folks, because if they're smart, they're going to have Ben Roethlisberger at the ball out in two seconds. But this could be a game where maybe Najee Harris doesn't find a lot of room to run. And maybe Rothenberger is under constant pressure because that line is a work in progress for Pittsburgh. That's all I got for the game. What else? It's almost to get through this segment. Oh, uh You wanted to promote I'm supposed to. You want to bring up something? I have no idea what we're talking about. Yes. So apparently I got sent a video. Uh, W George tweeted it out Niagara Metals. Has, uh, destroyed a Pittsburgh Steelers car to go. There's like an SUV. It's in Pittsburgh on it, and they lift it up and they smash it around with the giant thing that smashes, you know, cars and other things. Um, I gotta go. Look, this is and So I'm watching them, like, drop us. I mean, whatever this thing is on the Pittsburgh we tweeted off. He wants to have it. I'm garnered. Yeah, it's funny. You asked me What is Niagara Metal? I had no Britain said Jeremy wants to mention Niagara Metals. And I thought, Okay, What is it? Okay, so very quickly. It's it's It's one of these things that when you become The kids would say, And I might say, like adult ng Non metals is located in the city. At least one of them is like right by the Wegmans on Amherst Street. Um by U B. It's tucked away. And if you ever I've done this a few times if you ever have, like, Oh, we got a new stove. What do I do with the old stove? You throw it in the back of a truck driver to Niagara Metals and drop it got it. They'll weigh it. And then they'll give you money for the material, right?.

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