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I think you at least have to shop it, and you have to show them that the way he's behaving is something that you can't excel if you're Mike Tomlin, and listen, I've said on TV before Mike Tomlin wasn't just my head coach about by the way, I need to know because of apologize. I did not see exactly what you said in prompted Antonio's response to you in the way that he did could you tell us. Yeah. So so so so what I said was before Tonio. Got his deal. We offered Mike Wallace a contract. Coach theater ready told me that if Mike Wallace didn't accept this contract. They were going to offer Tony O'Brien a contract. He was two years into the league. He had a thousand yards receiving the year before had been to a Pro Bowl as a receiver. I mean as a return of so he's walking by and I said to myself, I'm talking to coach Gary GI much coat. I say win y'all. Give him his money, you gonna create a monster. And so he goes he gets it. So coming into the next practice. He just got his money. He causes out dick lebeau. Right. Coach lebeau. Somebody who Choi myself James ferry all respect. There's so much that anything he ever said. There was never a reply, right? He says he's the franchise. He says you can't touch me talking to Keenan Lewis in different guys that are covering, and we almost get into a physical altercation that day you and Tony, bro. Yeah. Because my thing was this is not how we behave. Right. This is not how we act for sure. We don't talk to coach lebeau that way. And so I said that I said that his talking to Lebowa why why would they be communicating? Well, because when when when Keenan Lewis put his hands on Tonio Brown, and Tony he was starting to scream because like you don't touch me this way, you don't deal with me this way coastal boats. Hold him to get back in the huddle or go back on the other side because it was one on ones. And so at Tonio promptly Tonio reacted to coach lebeau in that way. So that was thing. And so after stating that I said when you watch his actions from vigneault, right? And you talk about Facebook live the way that he's done things in the media with dealing with coaches, we're dealing with play caller, we're dealing with not getting the ball. I say this is the situation that coach Tomlin has allowed to get out of hand. So now, you have to think about moving him because here's my thing. It's about respect. Right. When you decide you're not gonna show up for meetings. When you decide is you're not going to practice win you bench instead of coming to the sideline. Like other players do in Steelers gear, right? Supporting your teammates being there for the whole game in a situation where eight is probably the darkest moment of this year. Because you're facing your seizing your season mortality, right? Your playoff more tally. You don't even have an opportunity control your own destiny. You wear a code and you leave at halftime, right? There's no respect there for your head coach. There's no respect there for your teammates. And obviously, I still talk to guys in the locker room I've dealt with it. It's been something that has been weighing on this team. Oh year. And now it finally balls over when you're upset because juju Smith Schuster was voted MVP and not you that's an issue and that something that has to be dealt with..

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