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Com or skies. Thirty one degrees right now, and we'll get to thirty two. But then snow arrives around midnight. Full details ahead. I'm Ed Walsh wins news time at the tone to thirty. Good afternoon. I'm Susan Richard on day. Twenty seven of the partial government shutdown a warning from mayor de Blasio that New York City will lose half a billion dollars in direct support every month starting March first mission is to try and any way we can to lessen the blow, but at the kind of level we're talking about here, even the resources of a city as big as New York City will be quickly exhausted. Literally in the course of a few months, we would run out of any money that we have to address this crisis. President Trump used a speech at the Pentagon this morning to dig in on his call for funding for a border wall human hijacking, stop drugs, stop gang, stop criminals. That's what we're gonna do that was my pledge. And that's what we're going to do. The State Department has told us diplomats to return to work saying it's found money to pay them. It's not clear where that money is. Coming from meantime, President Trump now firing around in the power play over the state of the union after Nancy Pelosi wrote him a letter asking that he postponed it or just send it in writing to congress. The president today sent her a letter and forming her that the trip she intended to take to Brussels Egypt and Afghanistan has been postponed due to the shutdown. A comment from the president's lawyer on Russian collusion. Getting a lot of attention. We'll tell you why after traffic and AccuWeather wins. News time to thirty.

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