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You're hearing the Frank Beckmann show. News talk seven sixty WJR. I can't wait to be naked person next week. And Travis mills. I'm telling you. Travis book. Toughest, they come. By the way, President Trump has a copy of that. What's that? Yeah. They they met at the White House. And the the president is there's a picture of the two of them sitting here. The president has got a copy of the book, and it's amazing. And I can't I can't wait to meet him Tom in northwest, Detroit. You're on the Frank Beckmann show. Hello. Yeah. Good morning and happy birthday made there'd be many many more. I hope. So thank you. Tom trying to catch up with you. And you're trying to catch up with me. I don't know. Where are you? I'm seventy one I'm trying to catch you. Okay. But anyway. Oh, you had a caller wins. The that called in and said, you know, Trump tells the truth. Well, I'm looking on this website of the fact checkers database, and as of October thirtieth fight they said he's made five thousand of his six hundred and I. Six hundred one days in office. He's made five thousand plus false and misleading statements. Let's not bad for man. He he he figured out this political world in a hurry. Didn't he? He fits right in. Yeah. But you know, I mean, you know, you just can't deal with the political world you've got to deal with people also. And I mean, you know, I wanna know spoke. I remember my I think it was made my mother father. They had a saying this is who would you trust a liar or speaks? I mean, basically, I wouldn't trust any of them. But if I if I had to make a choice, I trust the feet because I know he's gonna steal. But you never know what the liars gonna come up with. Well. But here's here's the other thing is his policies have been good for the country. You know, we we we've seen look at the jobs numbers again today. It's phenomenal. You know, the the GDP growth has been incredible. You know in terms of the economy. I mean, I can relate to the economy, and I'm talking to people that train left the station in two thousand eight and it's been on a ten year role just about now in tropical was selected by the electoral college just happened to flag that train now. Tom hold on. Don't don't make me go back and get the cuts of of Trump's better says her Barack Obama saying that we have to realize that the economy's never gonna come back. And what it was. I mean, he said this is the new normal this this reduced academy. He he will. He wasn't expecting it to come back. I mean, and I imagine it surprised him in terms of you know, the two terms that he was in near how that economy? Just just you know, I mean, basically, it decide what he said. And I mean, it it roll. So I mean, you know. I don't know. We'd call it rolling. We had high unemployment, and you know, it was it was tough. But look. Donald trump. We don't live in a vacuum. So some of the things that Barack Obama was doing I'm not gonna say that his his heavy regulation of the banking industry and things like that. We're good for us. But maybe they did have a positive effects of how in the in the scheme of things I've not I'm not good enough. Analyzing the economy due to make a final call on that. But all I know things have gotten a lot better. Anyway, thanks for the call. Thank you. Thank you for the kind wishes time really appreciate it from.

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