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You know who's in power and oh we're hardware. Were hardcore pro-trump podcast right yeah the whole west coast thing i keep forgetting huge trump stands right but it's pretty cool pretty cool so what's what's your. What's your dating life like out there in d._c. <hes> a lot of jewish girls though it's about figuring out which jewish girls are like the right ones for me honestly so it's kind of like <hes> you know getting into the specifics which is kind of a rough rush part <hes> in what way i don't know like there's some like you know really really religious and sometimes i don't five vipul with them. I don't know are you. Are you a religious do sam. I'm not a religious jew. What do you exclusively jewish women. I don't know it just. There's probably a sub conscious thing you'd you'd be open to dating a non jew yeah yeah. I think that's the dream cream right but you're just but you said in your dating life. You can't decide which jewish girl to date but then he he said the dream is to date a non jew well because there's just like the subconscious incidents where it's like you. You know you don't wanna eat a doughnut for like five minutes later correct crispy cream wondering if you were jewish and then you said the sub-conscious impetus and i was like do so you wrote you wrote in sam that you're having problems getting second dates. You go on a lot of first dates. <hes> yeah yeah so sorry about that initial jewish tangent. I somehow can't not i get that into conversation sound like a dream. I wonder why you can't get second. Well the ultimate three just to date and non jewish woman but a sub-conscious impetus to yeah yeah so you find girls on dating apps and you challenge a day probably right whatever you on so there's jay. I'm i'm on bumble. I found this new one called hinge which is like tinder except you could just like one thing about a person and so i got a lot of way i eighth. It's all of them and i feel like they go well. <hes> like there aren't any wearing things or we don't end up like pissing each other off immediately <hes> <hes> and so i ended up getting like ghosted or just like hey you're nice guy but i don't see this going anywhere sort of text a lot and so i'm trying to figure out like what are good like best practices for <hes> like going. I mean i feel like getting to the first aid is fine but it's like the steps after the first day that i'm kind of like i feel like i'm doing something wrong or am. I just over thinking it but i was wondering what advice you guys had well. You're jewish. You're probably over overthinking it. Have you considered the fact that san perhaps that your personality over text is fire and that your personality in person is trash. That's exactly what my mom's it is fire and so on basically a dumpster fire is what you're saying no no. I think he's on looking nice guy. What tell me about these dates like. Do you guys ever does it ever end with kiss or anything like that. Does it ever become romantic or is it just ro. Usually it's just like i do like the hug like oh. Hey good to see you so that way. It's not like oh hi. You're the girl from that you know after that's right next to angry birds on my phone here <hes> so that way it seems like more personal and usually it's just like drinks talking about like work or pop culture things. I mean usually both because that feels easiest. What do you do for work sam <hes> so i work <hes> for a nonprofit fundraising data work for them. I can see where you bring that up but also i think like you know whatever you're you're into. You're just it doesn't sound like you're meeting the kinds of girls that you really have a spark with you know like you wanna spark. You wanna spark her interest and she wants onto spark. Yours and you know it's not just about if you're attracted to someone or if they would make a good job you know you guys need to like laugh to your funny honey. You obviously need to find someone who thinks funny..

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