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It is monday watt and for today's temperature we were talking about sports that had a completely unique understanding of the word. Love different than you would find an apple. Podcasts reviews for instance to tennessee's us open. Was this weekend. Featuring major upsets in both the men's and women's contests on the men's side russia's. The neil medvedev beat out novak djokovic of serbia and a match that could have made jovic the first male player to win all four grand slam tournaments in a year since nineteen sixty nine. The women's title was won by eighteen year. Old amerada kanu of britain entered the tournament ranked one hundred fiftieth in the world. She had to play through the qualifying tournament just to reach the finals winning every single one of her ten matches along the way. So just is i've especially when a teenager wins a major athletic contests like this. Are you jealous. You know get in. I still think i'm eighteen. But i'm almost twice her age so when i remember that am jealous but also a happy but my very bad memory. What about you. yeah. I I don't understand this world whatsoever like The the i'm not even wildly far removed from this age. I guess but it still feels like it never happens to me. That's how like it's so much in the rear view that like it doesn't make any sense also to the point of the conversation. We were just having about by nine eleven and anniversaries and things like that. We are old enough that people who are major athletes at the top of their sport winning important tournaments in their lives were born after that happened. I mean that is breeze. It's unbelievable getting also just trying to tell all of you is that he's younger than me. dumping this fake news. That's complete. I'm definitely i would say that. I'm definitely closer to double her age than not. If that makes it does make sense. Does make chris. My son is as far away from emma's age as i am from a message which is pretty upsetting but hope. Maybe one day he'll be famous tennis star. It's not looking good but We cross our fingers. There's there's a lot of which is the reassuring element here just like that. We have checked our tents if you are young a teen. Congratulations on your athletic success..

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