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The audio sample to make it easier to hear. It was the new rover perseverance that captured the audio and video of the test helicopter ingenuity. The first vehicle mankind has launched empowered flight on another planet. Master says the audio recording is useful because just hearing the motor spanning 2300 rpm lets them know that ingenuity is healthy. I'm Rory O'Neill. Major changes coming to the Golden Globe Awards, CBS is Peter King explained. The changes come after criticism that culminated in a humiliating monologue by Tina Fey during this year's Golden Globes Awards show. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is made up of around 90 International, No black journalists. Now the organization's membership has voted to Expanded, and it's notoriously strict membership requirements, making its membership divers, including black journalists, agents representing most major stars threatened to boycott it lets the Foreign press association made those changes. Peter King CBS News He played baseball manage baseball, and now Bobby Valentine is taking a swing at politics. Valentine says he's running for mayor of Stamford, Connecticut. That's his hometown. Valentine, who managed the Red Sox in 2012 currently serves as the athletic director at Sacred Heart University. He put up a video on social media, saying he'll run as an independent and says he wants to give his time and energy and wherewithal back to the city that gave him so much. Over his lifetime. Valentine was a three star sport, a high school athlete and Stanford in his younger days. He also owns a sports bar there and served as the city's health and public safety director in 2011. Before being hired by the Red Sox. If he's looking for a campaign slogan he could dry Stanford. Be my valentine. Maybe Luke podcast has been a big success. I just like here enough to date news WBZ listeners air rating, but they get five minutes of news right when they need it. It just makes staying up to date with all that's going on Super easy. It's updated throughout the day and easy to download on the I Heart radio app, iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. J. Foreigner here, CEO of rocket mortgage and rocket companies. Last year we saw historically low mortgage interest rates. What you may not know is that interest rates are already starting to increase, and it's likely that trend is on Lee going to continue..

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