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Well, Aaron, There are so many lessons in those Poland's. They're pretty incredible, aren't they? When you At first I listened to her. I hear her words. I on it. They're so powerful. I almost I'm like, God, she's so much wiser than me. And then I gotta remember that if I said that to her, she would probably say something genius in say, no, it's We're all have the same wisdom and who don't you're not lower, We're all equal. And so it. And so I try and pull myself backup. But man, it's unbelievable. You know, it's funny. She's got so many things that just resonates so deeply with me. But one of my favorite quotes of all time and not just my favorite Maya Angelou quote, but one of my favorite quotes of all time that I refer to a weekly is the sentiment I've learned. The people will forget what you said. People were forget what you did. The people will never forget how you made them feel. And I think that is such such an unbelievable way to live life. Just remembering that, you know, try and make people feel good because that's what really counts. And so it's a great thing to remember to 100 percent true. And I know our listeners enjoyed hearing that and are going to remember her words because of the way that you know the way that Maya made them feel. And we wanted to end today's show. Show with one of my is most famous poems because I think it's just icing on the cake is so we're going to wrap up a little early, and then we're going to lead right in her poem Until next time. I'm Jerry Fisher and I man Faulker reminding you to keep moving, keep thinking and keep growing. Now, here's Maya Angelou performing Still I rise. I really Thank you, And I would remind you of a wonderful African Fay, which is the troubled thought the theme is not how to steal the chiefs bugle. But where to blow away. The youth use which face us all on, not just how to survive. Obviously, we are doing that somehow, but really how to thrive. Really. Thrive with some passion, some compassion, Some humor. Anthems Die. This poem is called and still Iraq. Now, every person in this auditorium, his gone to sleep one night, I'm never gone to bed when nighttime other with FIA of pain loss on terror. I'm happy myth grief. Insecurity and yet each of us has awaken A riven seem another human being and said, morning, How are ya? Fine, Thank you. No, wherever bet a by where it's been the kneecap been of the elbow or between the teeth wherever that is live there. We will find mogul, not nobility. I think that's a compass word. But the nobleness of the human spirit that we. You may ranked me down in history with your bitter twisted line. You may tribe me in the very dirt, but still like dust Al-Iraq. That's my in this upset you. Why are you beset with gloom? This Kazak walk Have oil wells pumping in my living room. Like moons and life Son's with the certainty of 10 hides just like hopes bringing high Still land. Did you want to see me broken vowed here than lowered eyes sold is falling down like here grounds, weakened virus hold who crime. Does my fairness? Upset too. Take it will hard land as if I have gold mine digging in my own bag. You can shoot me with your words, you can cut me with your line. You can kill me with your hateful mess, but just like life Iran. Does my sex known as the thin you. Visit come as a surprise. That ad Dane. As if I have diamonds at the meeting of my time. Out of history, same my rhyme up from a pastor, rooted in pain, Iran, a black ocean leaping. And why. Well, Ling and swelling and bearing in the town, leaving behind nights of terror and fear. I ran into a Daybreak miraculously clear IRA, bringing the gifts that my ancestors gay, I am the hole And the dream of the SME and.

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