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Vladimir Guerrero Jr of the Toronto Blue Jays with 26 Two more then Shohei Otani of the Los Angeles Angels and in the National League, Fernando Totti's junior of San Diego with 25 3 more than the pride of Middletown, Ohio Slugger for the Washington Nationals, the one and only Number 12 Kyle Schwarber checking in with 22 for your Washington nationals. Let's go out to the phones in Miami Heights, Phil. Speak to me, my brother. Hey, What's going on? Check. How you doing? Great, man. Great. How are you? I'm going really well, I just two quick things and I'll let you go. Um, this the chemistry on this team is unbelievable. These guys play like I love each other. You know what I mean? And they say they love each other, and all I can do is believe them because it looks like they're enjoying playing with one another. Play together. Yeah, now, and they also play like they're the underdog. Every game. It's like they got something to prove. You know, every game they play, man. Like, Yeah, Jonathan India's uniform dirty and I mean, they're They're playing hard, and that's what you want to see from a hardworking Midwestern town. From Cincinnati. Right? Exactly. Yeah, I think they're going to do very well this year. I think they're really going to. We're going to kick it in. They're going to make a run. I really believe that Bill I wear like a lot of reds fans. I wear my heart on my sleeve when they lose. I'm upset when they win. I'm happy. I want to go to sleep happy at night. Exactly. Yeah, exactly. Instead of throwing my transistor radio across the bedroom like I did as a kid, Alright? Yeah, That's what I would have cried Phil. Last night As a kid. I would have cried myself to sleep. But I'm there. I'm a little bit older. Now I'm a little bit more mature. Well, awesome. I'd like to fill, man. Thanks so much, man really appreciate it all right? Fantastic Reds win 4 to 1. It's the Kelsey Chevrolet Extra inning show..

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