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Hi everyone just a reminder that this show is not good by trading advice financial advice for personal vice enjoy the show and thank you very much this show is sponsored by health i q getting people or rates on their life insurance by staying fit and also by the various foundation making solutions on the blockchain to tackle hospital administrative costs yoyo welcome to criminal wanna won the average consumer's guide to cripple currency this matthew aaron and today we have on the professional safer punk the creator of steptoe she and a person that has almost a hundred and fifty thousand followers on twitter mr jameson lap and mr denison lop has been on podcast on youtube he did presentations wrote articles and i was thinking what could matthew aaron ass jameson that hasn't been asked before and after listening to about half a dozen interviews with him i realize one thing nobody bothered to ask jameson jameson who are you what are you like where were you born what do you do what do you think in why does that in how does that all relate to blockchain and your commitment to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space and the future of it so that's what we're gonna do here we're going to get to know jameson a little bit better and hopefully at the end of this you know a little bit about this man mr jamison love but before that please go to crypto wanna one podcast dot com that's crypto wanna win podcast dot com they're you can subscribe to us on items please describe to us hit the subscribe button and leave us a rating and helps us out a lot also tax season it's almost over he prefers is right around the corner go to hit the button on the top to get a hundred dollars off your crypto tax preparation sends email see what's up you can join us on our twitter you can join us on our instagram also come out our facebook group and ask questions if you have any a great place great people in the community i love them they're the best we have the best community so without further ado please enjoy this conversation and we will see you after the show jameson la.

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