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Prominence. It wasn't really much Nimoy had hoped for but it was acceptable because roddenberry continued to be a bit intrusive to the rewriting of the film. Tom He had to sign a new contract. Barred him from interfering with revisions in. He ended up ignoring this very often. He butted heads repeatedly with Harold Livingston. In in this way roddenberry could be seen as emulating Admiral Kirk. He was unwilling to accept being kicked upstairs to his executive role and he would push his way into captaining his old ship now Nimoy ended up mediating the script revisions. He met with Livingston after hours to hammer out. The changes revisions still seem to come by the hour. Because Ron Perry you cannot sit idly by they required timestamps so the actors and crew would know which one they were supposed to utilize at any given moment. The situation ended up growing intolerable for everybody. Everybody involved and Livingston ended up quitting in December of nineteen seventy seven but paramount still did not want to go with roddenberry alone. Dennis Lynton Clark was has brought in to handle revisions. They wanted to get spock INC Clark along with Roddenberry even worse than Livingston. They started off on the wrong foot because roddenberry's on berries penchant for playing practical jokes on his crew in his actors. The one that roddenberry played on Clark which was replacing his secretary for this actress that became completely incompetent and obnoxious it resulted in Clark having a meltdown and there was a lot of resentment from which he never recovered after three tenths months of not really getting along. I'm Clark was out Livingston. Return to complete the script which he claims had been rewritten several times. Obviously and none for the better he would get the script back into shape. If only roddenberry was kept away for good now. Roddenberry continued intervening even though he was not being monitored he ended up replacing script pages. That Livingston would submit with his his own revisions pretty sneaky there. Livingston quit Multiple Times. Due to Roddenberry's continued meddling higher ups would still interject. They convinced Livingston to Hugh Return. They gave him a syringe and more money to get him to come back. The two writers though ceased to be on speaking terms by that point and Rod Mira was finally banned I'm from further disruptions but he kinda got revenge in a way he ended up signing on with publishing companies Simon and Shuster the happened to be owned by the same parent company as paramount Gulf and Western. He was going to write the novelization of Star Trek the motion picture. Much to Livingston's consternation. Now this story went through so many revisions that I hesitated it to give you the plot so this is the final plot of the film. I won't go into spoilers though now. Fast approaching Earth is this cloud like alien entity that destroys all that approaches visit with it's nebulous forum. The Not quite fully refitted. Enterprise is the closed vessel available in this space. Clouds approach toward earth. Admiral Kirk pushes his way to take over the mission over the man that he picked as his successor as the captain. Willard Decker Kirk makes every attempt to reason with this living entity who goes by the moniker or a Vija Vija up abducting the enterprises navigator. I- Leah who ends up returning any mechanical form. Giving voice to this entity in the bad news is wants to rid earth of all of the carbon based lifeforms effectively ending life as we know it for everyone on the planet unless Kirk Company can see the day now. The plot does way more complicated to that. But that's kind of the backbone of it now. Production of Star Trek. The motion picture began in August of nineteen. Seventy eight they brought that many of the contributors from the original show. They did have a new costume designer though. His name is Bob Fletcher and he replaced the TV shows uniforms. He brought in Pastel colored new agey versions that he felt was in in keeping with the cerebral nature of this new story. The cast hated the design. They call them space pajamas. They hated the design fiercely. You know they outfitted the crew as if they we're expected to cost play at both a star trek convention and a Renaissance Fair. That's how they kind of look the skin-tight costumes made it difficult for the actress to sit and and they really couldn't use the restroom without accompaniment from someone in the Costume Department because the Zipper that existed for these wardrobes only existed in the back further compounding founding problems beyond the costumes was the Special Effects Team Advertisement Specialist Robert Abel and associates were hired to do the special effects for the film now able estimated that the budget for special effects was going to be about four to six million dollars as they started though they felt that the filmmakers started asking them to make visual the facts that were laughably preposterous so the opted for designs that they felt would work better. They were constructing this on the side. Paramount approved them doing the a new designs despite extending the budget with further delays. But Red flags ended up getting race sometime into the production when Abel's later estimates approached sixteen eighteen million dollars not just six million dollars so paramount was very wary of what was going on there. They brought in special effects adviser. Douglas Trumbull who worked with Robert Wise is on the andromeda strain to oversee Abel's work and they also added John Dykstra who did star Wars Battle Star Galactica to support him. It turns out that Abel able spent much of the initial six million dollars that they were given on a fancy new studio and a lot of new equipment that they used for some of their side work. That paramount was not getting any money on on so they ended up looking at. What actually had me for the movie? And they discovered that they really had not made anything that they consider to be usable so able as fired trumbull would end up having to deliver the visual effects from scratch along with his own crew in a very short time frame which meant very long hours a lot. More money another ten million dollars to fix was broken now as was going on there was also tension developing between paramount and the composer Jerry. Goldsmith paramount wanted the score to emulate more like a John on Williams sound to extend its appeal to what was popular at the time. Roddenberry also made some suggestions to push to incorporate the. TV's shows music into the score much more more. He felt. That fans would be disappointed if they didn't hear Alexander. Courage is legendary theme now. Goldsmith did incorporate that theme whenever the captain's log comes into play but Goldsmith found all of these demands absurd and he ended up walking off. The set. Paramount was under great pressure to complete the picture on time though so the ended up calling Goldsmith back. Acne promised that he would be able to do things his way. After all. And despite all of the quibbling there over what they wanted Goldsmith score to sound like his score with ended up becoming very very iconic in the world of Star Trek in fact it was used as the theme to the television series in one thousand nine hundred seven for Star Trek the next generation in fact there was also brought back for Star Trek. Eric five as well. Now time constraints ended up becoming a really big problem so paramount ended up having to remove a lot of the budget constraints. They started running twenty four hour shifts chiefs. They wanted to deliver the film by the hard deadline of December seventh and that was because they wanted to avoid having to pay back thirty million dollars in guarantees to its exhibitors. His expenses at that point ended up skyrocketing to a massive forty six million dollars overall. That was four times the cost of Star Wars and that put star Trek. The motion picture just is behind Cleopatra most expensive Hollywood production of all time all the signs seemed to be pointing toward impending disaster. Here the last minute completion meant that they had no time time for sneak previews to try to generate the buzz that they normally did and this all for a film based on a cancel. TV show that had no box office stars. This was extremely risky at this point so paramount needed to put something out there. They feel the nine million dollar budget for advertisement but the had to curb national campaigns. There were anti blind bidding laws that prevented the film from being exhibited until December twenty first in fifteen states that had those laws because Star Trek was not quite complete league yet so they didn't get to view the film that they were purchasing as the law required so despite all of these quibbles was bad press at the time fans nevertheless were not dissuaded from seeing what would be the first live action star Trek in ten years they were eagerly anticipating that enough to amass eleven million dollars in its opening weekend. That would break the record that was set by superman just the year before when it ended up opening those fifteen new states on December twenty.

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