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Off your penis. How did that make you feel? The penis jokes overshadowed a darker story, really unfunny story. The years of abuse lorraina says she suffered at the hands of her husband documentarian, Joshua. Rowe Fe wanted to revisit Laurynas case. And put it in that larger context that context of domestic violence, and the result is a four part docu series called lorraina it airs on Amazon beginning Friday, I spoke with Joshua Fe and Lorena Gallo, formerly Lorena Bobbitt earlier. So Gallo is your last name. That's your maiden name. Yes. It is. And so are you known as Lorena Bobbitt at all? Now. I am. I mean, do you identify with your former self I I do I do in a way because his is an advocacy that I do and does does my platform name. And they just use it for a good cause. I guess the reason why I ask Josh wise because we're talking. About a woman has identities. Largely been shaped in the public magic nation by her name. What did you think you were? I think what ten years old when the trial was eleven happen. I mean, if you mentioned the name Lorena Bobbitt to the average person they think of a an approximately middle aged crazed. I put that night Alex, white woman who in a fit of vengeance cut. Her husband's seen as often throw it out the car window, and the reality is she was a twenty three year old immigrant from Venezuela. Who came hurt eighteen in search of the American dream? And she thought she found it when she met this, handsome charming marine, named John Wayne, John, Wayne Bobbitt, and the fact is that lorraine's marriage, according to her and corroborated by a long long list of people both whether it's medical experts, turn his jurors neighbors, you name it lorraina suffered for years of some of the worst domestic and sexual violence. A person can never experience. You know on a regular basis and. If her story took place ten years earlier, it'd be local folklore masters Virginia, but it was June twenty third nineteen Ninety-three and it coincided with the birth of the twenty four hour news cycle. I mean pretty much almost to the day a year before OJ was writings Bronco down the freeway. And so I really overnight. It's the biggest story on the planet. But on anybody could focus on what's the cutoff penis and just help absolutely hilarious that that was how did that affect you? As a person having that as as Joshua has just described just spiral into something that is bigger than any one person. The fact that a society, basically lost the sensitive eighty and lost demeaning of of y you know, what happened to to this young lorraina, which was me to me. I. I couldn't understand or comprehend the whole thing. And you've changed my life completely. Yeah. And you're as Jesuit was saying, the I guess are victimized by this endless media. Attention obsession. I wanna play tape from the documentary. And this is with Geraldo Rivera. He had been sending you sign picture himself. Yes. That's correct prison. Well, why did he do that? I I guess he wanted to interview me. And does that was his way of call the attention? Okay. Here's a clip. I.

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