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Or dot com traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons Brian noble's Dave's ninety three point one K. F. B. K. and our forecast calling for mostly sunny today with a high around seventy five and we'll see a few clouds tomorrow high also be in the mid seventies right now we have sixty eight degrees in Sacramento on Wall Street the Dow is up seven hundred forty four points Anna has news ninety three point one KFBK Sacramento is number one for breaking news traffic and weather news ninety three point one BK's new album American standard that audience that continues to support me and hear the music it's the best thing I've got I heart radio sits down with the legendary singer songwriter James Taylor on the eve of the new album's release on fantasy records and G. D. brought his guitar you can watch it live at YouTube dot com slash I heart radio tonight at seven PM huh you can drive a twenty twenty civic LX two point oh and enjoy style technology safety and great gas mileage ask about the least you can do Bravada in the elk Grove auto mall hi we ninety nine in a row Boulevard elk Grove high designers are cheap cheap ready to market is not rocket science but you must have a plan Tom Sullivan here for online trading academy that plan it's a lot easier than you think tune in to online trading academy every Saturday two PM right here on K. F. because thinking of Alexis Alexis of Sacramento your first choice for Lexus on the on line from New York City border to border and coast to coast your connected with Tom solid we are glad you're here welcome welcome welcome to the big radio show happy Thursday while just thirty healthy what has happened to this week well I know it's been busy twenty seven day of February year of our lord two thousand twenty my name is Tom Solomon happy to have you along and well ladies in German boys and girls I mean I I don't know I would we got we got more than one topic today I know you might think it's only corona virus we got corona virus and it's related we got the stock market which is down seven hundred and fifty three points as we speak that's better than the nine hundred it was down earlier we've got some latest on the the the politicians in South Carolina and all that business to go over what else do we have what we anyway it's a lot of a lot of.

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