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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Windsor Johnston president trump says he plans to do something to alleviate homelessness in California but offered no specifics other than creating a federal task force speaking near San Diego today trump assess how several cities are faring in the case of San Diego the mayor's doing the right thing is doing a good job in the case of Los Angeles is a disaster in the case of if you look at San Francisco it's a total disaster what's happening with the gonna ruin the cities and I we're going to get involved very soon on a federal basis of they don't clean up their act trump arrived in California yesterday to attend a fund raising event in Los Angeles he's also visiting as section of border wall near Mexico. secretary of state Mike Pompeii is accusing Iran of committing an act of war with an attack on Saudi Arabia's oil infrastructure and P. R.'s Michele Kelemen reports Pompeii is stepping up his rhetoric in Saudi Arabia Pompeii blames Iran for the attack and dismisses claims by rebels in Yemen as fraudulent he says the US intelligence community has high confidence that who the rebels don't have the kind of weapons used in the attack on the Saudi oil processing facility. yeah this is unknown to me in the hood the arsenal I'm pale was speaking to reporters on board his plane as he arrived in Jeddah for talks with Saudi Arabia's crown prince he says the US will work with partners to come up with ways to deter Iran Pompey was also paying a visit to the United Arab Emirates and we'll keep working on diplomatic options ahead of the UN General Assembly next week Michele Kelemen NPR news Jeddah Saudi Arabia stocks traded mixed today on Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average was up thirty six points to twenty seven thousand one forty seven the nasdaq down eight points the S. and P. gained one this is NPR news from Washington. from keiki with the news I mean it came flight delays and cancellations at San Francisco International Airport are improving as the reconstruction of a major runway nears completion crews have been installing a new base layer on the runway and RB paving and repainting it surface the project began eleven days ago during the first few days delays were averaging about an hour here's SFO spokesman Doug vehicle since we entered the second phase delays have been averaging on a daily basis little under forty minutes that doesn't mean they're still been some delays that are over two hours but overall improve trend in terms of delays by day. the runway is due to re open tomorrow night the project had been scheduled to wind up at the end of the month. wealthy California democratic donor accused of running a drug house where two men died of overdoses contributed to many candidates over the years including Gavin Newsom and hobby or the Serra Los Angeles prosecutors allege Edward bok provided methamphetamine to two men that overdosed and died at his apartment and they claim he injected a man this month with math who survived an overdose a political consultant for the Serra said in an email that the Attorney General has given Bucks donation to charity Loyola law professor Jessica Levinson says that's not an unexpected move it tends to be this kind of cleansing ritual where candidates trying and absolve themselves of any connection. other politicians including California congressman Ted Liu have also given Bucks donations to charity.

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