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Entire russia collusion story and they had to take it down they hander they hindu withdrawn they took an off the website apologized mort and mayhem instituted new procedures now before any such story gets published anywhere or broadcast anywhere in the cnn empire oh there hasn't been a lot of news made about this but it was i mean if they took this story down it you could see them taking every story down the minutes how flimsy all of this is so we'll come back to this but there is other news out there today the supreme court ladies and gentleman has up held trump's travel ban and has reinstated it now this is to me this this is an example of how silly and stupid we have been since trump was not not us there has been no question that trump was totally constitutionally within his rights to issue this travel ban an active congress that we read to you many times explicitly granted to trump the official constitutional powers to do exactly what he did and more if he wanted to in his travel ban it wise staved by all these lower courts and then upheld by the a us night circuit and it was only better time before got the supreme court and the supreme court reinstated it entered they're going to hear arguments in october uh what this means trump was right trump had full authority to do when he did the media experts were wrong all of this indepth analysis all the panel discussions all of people supporting these judges who said that they were going to stay the travel ban because of what trump said really campaign trail in all this enlightened intellectual him going back and forth on cable tv which was an embarrassing joke to anybody who knows the constitution into law has just been blown to smithereens now the supreme court given given the courts including the supreme court allow or deny stays based upon the likelihood that the issue in question will be found to be constitution were not this the unanimous decision to allow the trump travel ban to be implemented shows that the court thinks it's highly likely that trump will eventually prevail during oral arguments and the formal presentation the case when the court hears it in october the the the.

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