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For the five year anniversary of their murders earlier this year. The family released a statement five years been hiding. We feel loss of Kathy and Samantha. Day Town eases the pain but the land in our hearts with their patsy. Is We love you miss them. More than words can never describe whoever ended their lives should not be furry. Is there anything that you want. The public know about this case to keep their eyes out for or something like that. Sometimes if you're like in beatty they did horse but I just no matter how small of a if someone's got information on how small they think it is all able won't matter. You never know the smallest things sometimes break. The Bee's dams out there so come forward. Let us now I never heard and that's that's something we've constantly thrown out there to the public and we appreciate the public tale that we have gone through this people concern. We tell we can tell that from the calls. People want this solved and and that's It says a lot about the community over there. They're good people there and they deserve justice over there. Should they have any fear. I don't I wouldn't. I don't want to speculate of anything like that but no I I. I don't think that it's just it's a tragedy. I mean that's all you can say about it. I mean having three open cases on our part the the reason I ask is you know obviously there's been a lot of coverage of these cases. Do you think it's unusual to have so many in high profile cases in such a small area I don't really want to I don't really want to go on that lamb and say that it's disheartening and it's in our post district in so we want to we wanna solve them and concerning. I mean I it is concerning that. That's it's happened in one community and you have three the SP alone is marquis. It is concerning but people don't need to be scared. there's good people and they want it solved in any of these cases or four in all of them. Do you think it's someone local. That's living within the community. We're not ready that we one thing hanging in investigations. You don't WanNa pigeonhole yourself in trying to focus on one area in lose sight of the bigger picture he wanted to thank thank outside the box so we don't like to say that want to pigeonhole ourselves and just focus. Maybe this is the one area. We want to keep wide. I guess a wide angle that look at all possible options when it comes specs. Where are you at each case. Would you say well. I've been asked that before and and really the the only answer in the most refined answer I can give you is one step closer from yesterday. I mean we're just one one step closer. I do step in there and talk to these guys. He's detectives every so often and there's ever day they're just sitting back there and doing they are working on this case and that makes me feel good because it makes me feel like well. You know what one step closer or better off today than we were yesterday just as Jason Allison Ellis's case rumors swirl around the small town but who would kill a mother and daughter who were such pillars of their community and the way in which they were killed. Was it a personal national attack a cousin who lived maybe about fifty yards from their house about six weeks after it happened. There was a knock on the door and officers wanted to know if this vehicle had been there. They knocked on the door of the House across the street and ask asked why. There's a young man living in this house. Do you think he might be selling drugs or you think he might be responsible and illegal activities. It was like they were trying to look for a suspect ex- bright there I think if they were pudding suggestions you know in into the ears of the neighbors it's like they didn't have any evidence these three murders and no suspects but the deadly crimewave was far from over in Bardstown fifteen months after Kathy and Samantha Netherland were found found murdered inside their home and two years after Jason Ellis was ambushed on his way home a new tragedy would strike another Bardstown family this time unfortunate July weekend. If you have any information in the murders of Kathy Samantha Netherland call the Kentucky State Police at two seven. Oh seven six six five oh seventy next time on Bardstown. I know my daughter and yeah I know. She would never just up and left her family. She would or not left me and her daddy either say type of everything but unless what happened to you you know you get up with the morning goes with it. It's never never off your mind..

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