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So Alice, I've heard stories about people, you know, Einstein had a dream and in the came up with this that people are able to use their dreams in some sort of a deliberate way. But it's it will it always seems to be Einstein and people, you know, it isn't me. I I don't think I've ever had a dream. But I woke up the next morning and ha- there's the answer. Is that common? I think it it Perry's. Do you do you? Remember your dreams often? Yeah. Sometimes sometimes I remember dreams, but I find that as I try to remember them. They slip away. Yeah. Keep a dream journal. Or do you have any active like that? No. I don't do that. But I don't I also find too that that some dreams really stick with me the next day that as most of them, I don't remember much about some of them have a real profound effect may be because some. Thing horrible happened in them like it's almost nightmarish like, but but they really kind of cloud my day the next day. Yeah. I mean, they can absolutely affect our mood. There was one study that I read about couple people in relationships that sound if they dreamed about having a fight with their partner or like about their partner cheating on that. They were they reported feelings of intimacy in the morning at were more even more likely to actually have fight. So they definitely can exert influence on our behavior, certainly our mood. Even if we don't remember them, sometimes you just wake up with kind of hazy that feel out right? Like, I don't know why feel this way. But but it's a profound feeling like a, and it's usually negative. Yeah. I mean, I recommend keeping a dream journal. If you are interested, and it doesn't have to be like pen and paper journal, a can be you can you can just speak your dreams inch ear. Phone in the morning, you could take them up. If you do recall them, just intending to recall them saying before bed that you want to end the reaching for your dream journal first thing in the morning can really really help. But what about this idea that Einstein, you know, in other people have found the answer in their dreams because I never do. Yeah. I mean, we tell a lot of these spectacular stories about scientists making breakthroughs in dreams and artists using dreams to, you know, come up with new ideas and there. Tastic stories of musicians everyone Beethoven to Paul McCartney composing in their dreams, which sounds mazing. But for most of our problems are a little more down to earth. And but dreams can still definitely give us insight into them. There was one study by a Harvard psychologist both Barrett who gave students the task of they had to pick a problem that they're having in their lives. So for a lot of them do a relationship or indecision over career path and think about it before bed in sententious to try to dream about it, and she found that many them were actually able to that they reach the problems and the fate gained some insight into them. And sometimes it solutions were in metaphors that they had to unpack for themselves other times, they just almost received answers to questions they were. About an felt that the answers did resonate with what they wanted. But didn't know that they wanted one of the things that always fascinates me about dreams is how you can surprise yourself in a dream. You know, you go around the corner in there. There's that thing you never thought could be there. But it's your dream. How how can you surprise yourself in your own dream? It's your dream. Yeah. I mean, what trivia affects of dreams, I think is that you're creating other people and they're talking to you. And you're like telling yourself this whole story. But yet, you are you're the producer of it. I mean Royd would say that that every figure in a dream represent some affect of yourself. So you might be turning your fear of something into a person who end comes to represent it. But there's definitely a lot that still kind of mind boggling injuries one of the things that that. I remember hearing. A long time ago. It was an interview with Paul McCartney. And he he said that..

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