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Because of that Prescott had said, I want Bryan back here, you know, damn well, you're wouldn't let them go. So that's what we dealing with. That's just the reality of the situation. Let's stop fighting it and we see the highlights desk Bryant antics on it, which transitions me nicely though. Del Beckham junior. Because ladies gentlemen, what we see the antics on the sideline. We usually see these temper tantrums from y receivers because they are the ultimate divas on a football team in the National Football League, they run routes, they're lucky to get five passes thrown in their direction for an entire game. They know that their numbers. Ultimately a what produce numbers in their wallets. They wanna get paid. And so when you're not noticing them and you're not targeting them or they're not getting as much activity as they would like they're going to act up, they're going to be like divas. We saw this from Tonio Brown earlier this season, some people's eyes. We've certainly seen it from deaths Brian pass. There's no reason to expect otherwise from Dell Beckham junior who's an absolute star in the National Football League. Having said, all of that. Odell Beckham junior had some explaining to do because he sat down with our very own Josina Anderson. And although he didn't mention any names, he basically questioned the giants hot. Their cohesiveness and their commitment to excellence. That's what he did and the head coach for the New York Giants. Pat Shurmur didn't like it one bit. So even after they lost yesterday, thirty three to thirty one, the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton, courtesy of a sixty three yard field goal. Second longest, an NFL history. Pat Shurmur still found Odell Beckham Julia on his mind for all the wrong reasons was by the way Becky, Julia towed ESPN's dot com. Jordan or non. I don't regret anything I say to Josina Anderson..

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