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J AM Austin 5 90 A, M and K 259 a Jay Austin £99.7. Ah, a new timeline from the president of the sobriety Fox News that a White House news conference moments ago President Trump saying expects to have enough doses of covert 19 vaccine for every American By April, he had suggested it could happen much sooner, contradicting the CDC chief who said it might not be widely available until summer. President joined at the briefing by Defense Department officials, who will lead distribution efforts. All of this with the hope of vaccine could be deemed safe and effective before year's end. Meantime, no movement on a new Corona virus relief bill. Even after a bipartisan effort to break the logjam, you're having this coalition of moderate Democrats moderate Republicans meeting in the middle of saying, Let's do something. Let's get some sort of a Corona virus bill done sometime in the next couple of weeks. They're expected to release an interim spending bill to avoid a government shutdown later this House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has indicated she does not want to attach any Corona virus aid onto that bill. And that's why you have Republicans like Dusty Johnson, a freshman from South Dakota, saying, Let's get a Corona virus bill done with this coalition of people in the Middle Fox, the chat program on Capitol Hill. Pelosi still favors the $3 trillion plan passed by the House in May. Top Democrats, including her have said the new moderate plan and a slim down effort from Senate Republicans aren't enough to meet the needs. Republicans say they're playing politics with Corona virus aid. The president's heading to Minnesota, where Joe Biden is also campaigning on the state's first day of early voting Biden greeting Group of firefighters after one of them the Democratic nominee was not wearing.

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