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They could restart sailing in the United States. United States waters by mid July. Um, I'm not particularly eager to go on a cruise ship, but I know some people are so good news for them. I was going to ask you a crazy or is it just because of private or you not not into the whole crew's vibe. I went on a cruise. Once a friend got married, and then the kind of post party was the bridal party went on a cruise, and it was It was an interesting experience, but one I don't think I need to repeat, especially especially in covert times. All right. Answer Ramana, not a cruise fan. Now. Finally, Andrew Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor and and lawyer for former President Donald Trump, has had his home in Manhattan raided by federal investigators. What sparked the raid? And what were the investigators looking for? Yes. So federal investigators with search warrants combed his Manhattan residents and a separate office earlier this week, they seized electronic devices as part of a probe into his dealings with Ukraine. Listeners might remember Giuliani was the personal I mean, Back in the day he was the mayor of New York on he was a candidate for president. But more recently was Trump's personal lawyer on was involved in the whole impeachment inquiry about you know whether Trump with Giuliani was seeking political help from Ukraine to discredit Joe Biden, his likeliest on eventual opponent for president. He spent months trying T O help Trump find dirt on Biden and Biden's son Hunter. Um, we're getting details on this investigation. It could be focusing on Giuliani doing paid work for Ukrainian businessman at the same time whether he violated U. S laws against unregistered lobbying for foreign Entities. There's some reports out today that talk about how the Trump administration and Giuliani forced out Maria Ivanovich, the former ambassador to your Ukraine, and whether that was a kind of quid pro quo that Giuliani was involved with, Um We will see. But it is quite a spectacle to see the president's former lawyer, the former mayor of New York, now embroiled in this investigation in the form of raiding the seizure of evidence and hates insisted he's done nothing wrong. Here's some of what he told Fox News after the raids on his home. They won't explain to me what they're looking at two for two years. We've called him 56 occasions said. Tell us what you're investigating will come in and address it. No, just come in and talk to us. Tell us about your whole life because that's ridiculous. And so I have to go. I have to go as a lawyer on the search warrant. Search warrant is purportedly based on one single failure to file For representing a Ukrainian national or Official. That I've never represented. I've never represented a Ukrainian national or official before the United States government. I've declined it Several times. I've had contracts in countries like Ukraine in the contract is a clause that says I will not engage In lobbying or foreign representation. I don't do it because I felt it would be too compromising. So what's gonna be the next step in this case, Andrew Yeah, well, we'll see what happens. It does seem pretty serious. Now. Now there's not always charges filed after a raid like this, But the fact that Giuliani is so prominent, not just the former lawyer to the president but also a former U. S attorney in the office that's involved in the investigation. The fact that they actually executed the warrant on Giuliani, given his prominent suggests that they have pretty serious evidence s O. I would not be surprised if we see charges going forward. The other thing is that this was something that the Justice Department apparently wanted to do. While Trump was president, Andre were blocked So this has been going on for some time. It finally happened it all of that. Just suggest that there you know that they do have significant cause to sort of proceed with this investigation will see how it actually unfolds. I just finally androgen who often likes to texting during this segment must be very interesting US politics that Jen wants to know. Do you have any Intel on what the majority of retirees in Florida? Think of Biden now? Huh? Interesting. I don't have any intel on it by the narrowly lost Florida. Part of part of that was, uh, you know, Trump has a some strength there among seniors. We will see we did a poll. And again. I'm writing this up today, asking whether people whether Biden's 1st 100 days turned out to be better or worse than you expect, and we actually got a plurality of people saying That was better than they expected. Not a majority, because everything is divided in U. S politics, But, um, he he seems to be beating expectations. So far, it will be interesting to see how that Sort of plays out in politics. More broadly, all right, Jen, you have to keep your eyes open for that one. Andrew, thanks as usual for joining us said to bring us up to speed with what's been happening in the in the U. S. Thank you. All right. Andrew Ramana is senior writer with the Yahoo News. Hey Rafi, President of the Building Football Club, to be the first female president of the oldest football club in the world, and in fact the oldest sporting club in the world, you know, it's such a massive honor. Virginia tree, Ali, You're in trouble. Now. Someone takes saying Melvin's the oldest competitive team in the world, all this professional team of the strikes in the world. Yes, I am going world based on text. Melbourne haven't been competitive for years. Virginia Tree Ali weekday mornings from 8 30 on ABC Radio Milburn. You're listening to night life, Suzanne.

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