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We have many memories of baywatch uh a lot of slow motion seeking sir uh the film or the show started the in nineteen eighty nine i am as crazy but it only really picked up steam in ninety one when it went to syndication and then it ran into like ninety nine so very very long storied history of baywatch and into my research because again i am a professional while this movie baywatch 2017 is the fourth baywatch movie get out that he made three direct to roll directtovideo movies of the original series they were entitled but what the movie forbidden paradise right baywatch white thunder at glacier bay classic and baywatch hawaiian wedding oscar what's like other i'd barely remember the hawaii season uh uh i had no wanting to your they made three movies and light thunder at glacier bay uh i mean that mood that title sounds incredible so this is the fourth technical technically movie from the baywatch franchise the rise of pamela anderson yeah uh you did to the rise in the horrible fall from grace from pamela anderson during this time i guessing belief also david hasselhoff young who night rider let ramos i mean again like without him the show would have been dead august after that first season it got cancelled he it took him go into the producers being like all right guys how can we do this so nbc had cancelled it then he would of the producers.

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