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Taken care of EV people have those values together, and they're able to engage in them healthily throughout their day week month. Yeah, I think you know, I think you joining belts that Ave. You know? I would add to qualify, though, the very often values as they were spoken about generations before there was a kind of rigidity to the new sitting underneath those values with rules about this is the right way to live your values matched the runway, you know. And so certainly in the app model, we're about helping people be very flexible in the way, they live their values is not like this. You start getting into ideas about this is ri- amass wrong, then you should do this. And you shouldn't do that. Then you're starting to kind of move away from your values into the land of rigid rules, and should and must and so forth. You know, you mentioned anxiety. I mean, it is it's academic, isn't it? And I think I think values are our way for us to channel orange diety in constructive ways. It's like, you know, doing this. Kost with you right now. I'm feeling anxious. You know, you guys a lovely kinda. I can see a hero, my Skype screen. And you put him at ease. And Elizabeth here kind of holding the microphone this end. And you know, my hands are a little bit sweaty. My heart's racing goes kind of Nazi my stomach, and I'm willing to have this anxiety to do something. That's meaningful it important. You know, I I care about these messages care about getting the mountain into the world. This is a meaningful activity that I'm doing with you guys. And I'm willing to have the exile t- there to do it and eventually willing to have the Saudi then I can actually use it. You know, excise he and Hans is your performance. This is a kind of performance as you know, there's a like I've done zillions of interviews. But there's always that the pressure. There must be for you guys to I would think kind of. And so we can tap into that Zayed's. He does lots of good research showing that you can use it ended in if exotic he's who low when you're doing some sort of performance task you performance drops psychologists cool, this relaxed encompass. Since like, though. So I can use my anxiety in a constructive way. And I ain't values, you know, it's not a way to get rid of anxiety. But it's a way to what's my anxiety. Telling me is imposed on. What's it telling me that matters to me? What's it telling me that I want to do I've only got so much time on this planet? How can I use it effectively? You know, there was something that when I was reading the happiness trap. And I was looking in the values and the more looked into it. The more something from my youth had kept popping up, and and being gen X and graduated I graduated high school in nineteen ninety two and in the early nineties. There was this this art movement that came out and music and film that was basically the the slacker movement or the Slager an arc art link letter was the leader of that. And there was tons of movies, the low life floundering that sort of had they were morose and slow moving and they dealt with these characters who who? Being in newly out into the world and the early twenties just felt lost. And because they weren't doing anything productive because they were being this slackers, the anxiety and dread and the being lost in life becoming more and more within their lives. And where they were fighting for any sort of thing that they could they would allow them the fill that they had a place in the world. And I I couldn't help looking at those going. It's it all is was right here of writing down these things that are most important to you. And just how was not even on the table at that time, and I've just happy that we're able to well, we have certainly with you and Stephen Hayes and self development being. So I think it seeing a an I would say new reviving front assigns of people coming in contact with this. So hopefully, we can help some of this rampant anxiety and the president is going on. I think so I think values are had good kinda antidote towards that..

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