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I rob fisher. Joins us on the chris rabies show and was planning on talking about a variety of things with fish. But we got some news in the last couple of hours that theo epstein is stepping down from the chicago cubs. He sent a letter to the cubs organization to announce That he is going to step down as the president of baseball operations. Jed hoyer cubs. Gm will be succeeding him. And i think some interesting big picture angles to look at as it comes to theo and the cubs and leadership in sports fish. Going on man you are not. You don't have any announcements about stepping down from anywhere effective today. Do you know in fact. I can't wait to start working again. It's weird been weird. Eight eight months Of course for everybody but it'll be nice let the nba gets cooking again. Yeah it's fun to get some big sports news Here it's you know now that the games are just down to college football in the national football league. Although it's great having college football now playing on tuesdays and wednesdays so you do get something every single night. That's great but now to get some baseball news out some action no doubt about it got some baseball news. A lot of nba news already leading up to the draft into free agency so Yeah it's a pretty active time. Camp starts on december first The season starts december twenty second. The is wednesday night free agencies friday. I mean it's it it. It scares me. Chris because you know when the nba decided to go in the bubble and everyone wondered. Why are they waiting so long to start their games. They made their decision. They're coming back. Why are they waiting so long. Because they waited like a month and a half before even starting their camps and everyone wondered why they waited and my answer was very simple. It's because there are so many unknowns and during this time of covid when it comes to sports you know one question you can answer but it leads to another three questions in the nba wanted to have all their ducks in a row and is dotted t.'s crossed and and they did a wonderful job..

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