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Are committed to change that. I shot to save that they got our tone much hurdle with the first goal of the year. It's on the power play. And the sharks. Take the Lino back A Murph in Mac on KNBR, 1045 and 6 80 these sports leader, Polly, Let's get some pock on man's do it, Man. I can't believe we got this. Will you know why we haven't seen the Sharks? In like a year and a half. No one tell they've been dealt a pretty tough hand here, man. It's like getting kicked out of your home. Kind of like what the Niners went through. You know, we saw the same thing, Well, ending an epically long road trip and actually coming home to San Jose is reason enough to have the voice of the Sharks. We love him. Of course, the TV voice of the Sharks Randy Han on the Murph in Max Show on the Yuma gas lines, So he ready Welcome back to the show has been too long. Can't believe the sharks are back in town. It's been about 15 years since they've been in the arena. How are you, Randy? Morning Ready? I'm doing well, just a little bit of last night's loss Hangover. But that goes away after a few hours, but he has been a long time. Between the end of last season, and then the start of this one. The Sharks went over 300 days between games and now, with this long stretch of games to start the road, it's on the road. It's gonna be close to 350 days since they've been it s safety center. So I'm really excited to be back there on Saturday after him. I can't wait to have you guys back and in the players to just I mean Lewis. First I'll back up a little bit. This this road trip. I mean, 56 and one right on a 12 game road trip. Is it fair to say that that's All things considered not a tragic outcome. I think from the outside, that's fair, and I certainly look at it that way. They had a chance to finish above 500 with win last night that didn't work out, but they still basically hover around 500 going through the longest. Road trip to start a season in NHL history, and that's 100 some years old. So that was a rather epic beginning and to at least be in the hunt for a playoff spot, which is what it's all about Their four points out right now, after that stretch, I think is okay internally, and if you listen to Logan to tour the captain, they're not happy. They feel they should have done better. There was a break of a week long because of some covert protocol problems for Vegas. There an inability to play it would have only been an eight game road trip. Had Vegas been able The play, but they had to take some time down to get well again and that resulted in the sharks being off for a week. So the guys don't really feel like it was 12 in a row on the road. They played eight that they came home that they played four so they're trying to stay out of the excuse business and they feel like they should have done better. You know, Randy, I just want to talk about the shark goaltending a little bit Martin Jones, and in particular, you know, uh, watching it between the pipes, you know, and seeing him get pulled again. That's the third time. You know, Jones has been pulled this year and then those three times of all, um, translated into shark losses, But I guess my question is When a goaltender like Jones, who's used to being out there sees himself getting pulled. You know, three of the eight games he started this year. What does that do to a goaltender's confidence? If anything, I mean, can that rattle Ah, goaltender psyche? Well, sure it can. And but I think one of the keys to getting to the level of the NHL is a goaltender is that you have to learn how to forget that least within the moment of the game. You have to forget the goal that just went in and bear down on the next shot. You're going to face and you talk to any NHL goalie, and that's the money and said, And that's the sub Pete Over a prolonged period. Of course, that's gonna wear you down. If that keeps happening. Jones didn't have a good night last night. Jones didn't have a good year last year, but neither did the The defensive structure in front of them, and it's never usually just the guy that Z the problem when when a goalie has itself tonight, it's the quality of shots he's facing. It's it's a combination, but certainly the Sharks need better goaltending all around, and particularly to Mark Jones. Absolutely. I'm talking to Randy Han is the Sharks Come home for the first time in forever? You said it was what 300. What was the number since the last time they skated ASAP? Well, it was 309 days between actual games and then you throw in the 1st 12 on the road. So you know, it's been forever almost almost a calendar year. They get to take on the Vegas Golden Knights afternoon affair yesterday or tomorrow. One o'clock at S A P down in San Jose. I wanna go macro here because you know, for a lot of fans. They've been disconnected from the sharks for a long time. And then they haven't been in the arena. I know the fans can't get into the arena yet, but just to kind of go macro. I mean, we talked about the road trip, talked about the goaltending, but this roster This team these expectations. How would you like if somebody's like, Hey, man, that I've lost track of the shark's After that long lay off one of the realistic expectations for this team. And right now, I mean, I know they still have the stars. We still have hurdle and could sure and cane. But is there you know any concern about the depth of the roster and kind of what they can accomplish this year? Well speaking macro. I think this is really a team that is still in transition. So many sharks fans that may not be the hardcore, but more of the casual fan will think of this as the chilled sorting team or the joke Ravel Ski Team or the Patrick Marleau team. Thornton's gone off to Toronto. Pavelski has gone on to Dallas and And Marlowe's 41. He's in the waning years of what has been a remarkable Hall of Fame career. So you know it's a transition and it's now Logan Couture team. It's a Tomas Hertl team. And you know, so on and so on on down the line As far as death goes, I don't think the sharks are a deep team. This is not a team built this year to make a Stanley Cup one. I don't think they could stun us and surprise us. We've seen it before..

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