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Aac had said that he's not running for reelection and kelli ward was like now is my time but you could like there are enough civil libertarian type of left leaning democrats you know you look at bisbee and here you have a pro immigration form pro ends the war on drugs pro civil liberties type of crowd and then you've got like you know tombstone arizona both ends of bisbee where it says read as they go and they want to protect their second amendment they wanna make sure that the big corporations and the lobbyists are gone and that airs stays with arizona why are you running for governor when you know you have probably had a better opportunity you know big picture wise running for senate senate if i had known sheriff joe was gonna run he is one of the few people that really get me going but i also running because like you mentioned arizona is ripe for libertarian candidates they're very libertarianleaning when i had my short run for the presidential nomination when we talked a couple years ago i was amazed at the research i did coming back with the data that caller the only state that was more libertarianleaning than arizona based on my research and feedback when i was running was colorado it is a state like you said most people moved here from somewhere else so they don't have those ingrained political views during grain candidates from a lifetime of those people running they're coming here fresh and within their bringing their opinions in their open attitudes towards others from other states are coming from because we have people coming from the east coast we have people coming from california and they're all combining here in arizona and it's a lowering us the opportunity to really drive the message of the libertarian party small government.

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AAC, Bisbee, Arizona discussed on Remso Republic

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