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Care what decade it is you have somebody Whether it's Stockton with the tight shorts or Mark Jackson back of the day or any pure point that wants to set up his teammates. Ben Simmons today um, it's It's a beautiful thing. It's a beautiful thing. Yeah, but you're right. There's there's Chris Paul. What makes Cristo special is that you know, he really has a pension for making big shots. He's a dagger thrower, right? He loves throwing those daggers right, like three to all shocker. All Paul from 20. It's good and I don't even mean to win at the buzzer. I mean those possessions that are waning down. And you're up by three or four points, and there's a minute and a half to go and kind of hot potato ball around the perimeter. Chris is like I got it and he will break you down. He'll wait expertly till that thing goes to about two. He'll let it fly and invariably sticks, many of them. So he's just the the residual impact he's had on the sons will be felt. This is going to seem ridiculous, You know, maybe for the better part of the next decade or so. Especially if he's there again next year. Yeah, Yeah. Is that good? Yeah. The question is, you know, Are they viable for championship? But why would you like that? And again. I don't disagree, because I look at the West like all right, they're going to get I think they're going to get through Denver. We We kind of expected that this would be a blow out. It's actually really close game. Yep. For the first time. In fact, the Nuggets were leading by a point at the break luggage drop by about seven or 81 point first half. That's right, but there'll be more and then it just it just changed. The whole tenor shifted. After they came out in the second half. And and so I feel like yeah, they'll get through Denver because Denver is is, uh, you know, not that they're flawed. The rosters flawed. I can't say that it just there hurt, right? Yeah. They're not hold their knothole right now. So, um, it may be a test. This may go seven. Help make it 66 or seven. Who knows, But I feel like they get through, But if they get through, you know they have Absolutely a fighter stands against the jazz. You know what I mean? Or whoever else the Clippers or the Clippers who end up facing in the Western Conference finals, and what's what you get to the the championship. It's then it gets challenging, especially if it's going to be the nets that are coming out of the East or or even Philly who comes out of the east, depending on how they rebound from this Atlanta series, because then you're going to get some superstars right? It's it's one thing. Playing a superstar is another playing multiple on the team. Which is what they're going to have to do once they get to the next stage of of this postseason. Mm. And we'll get to both of those games. You just mentioned a little later in the show. We'll do that. We'll get to acts update right now. Coming up in bounds out of bounds, Bama Loading up, try to keep that dynasty going for years. What's a realistic time frame for Alabama the way they're currently set up with Sabah, etcetera. How much longer can they truly truly dominate? Will take a stab at that that is on the inbounds out of bounds menu will hit that after act Right now he's rich. CBS Sports flag Guys. The Hawks change the narrative of this Eastern Conference semifinal series with their game one victory. They showed they weren't going to be a team to be taken lightly, and Trae Young has been the breakout star of the postseason. Thus far, the Sixers have plenty of star power will try to recover from the series opening loss, Seth Curry said their second half comeback in Game one Provided a silver lining our energy turned, making them turn the ball over. Play with that pace, and then, um, getting good shots so offensively off that we've always been a beef Byzantine throughout the year and Well, we know when we get stops with really tough to be. Joel Embiid had 39 in the lost Sunday. Jazz and Clippers open their Western Conference semifinal Tonight. L. A was pushed to the limit by the Mavericks in the first round before ultimately advancing in the deciding game. Utah's had a nice six daybreak since eliminating the Grizzlies in five games. However, Mike Conley has been ruled out due to that hamstring injury. Jim Fossil, who coached the Giants at Super Bowl, 35, passed away at the age of 71 fossil led the Giants the playoffs three times in his seven season coach But with his team at 74 in the 2000 seasoning, boldly said he was raising the ante pushing his chips in the middle of the table and that his team would make the playoffs, which they did number checkable. What's going on, Folks Jr here can the Sixers even things up against.

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