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Neck ladies get their line change completed. Klingberg the other way. That man Fetus center ice cut off by plot, He'll steal and ship it right back in Glendale on the far corner, sold it off by point. Falling out of the stars is Toronto You'il Keep Toronto docks find Alice Net looking to alleviate pressure far boards. It's out of his own for Pavelski doll supported lighting and Ruda good play to rattle it for Hedman. Why can't a coach on the right weight? Three on one? I could talk about front point? Yes. Three on one The lighting caught the stars in a line change. And it's for one lightning with 7 58 left in the second boy. Did he shoot that quickly? And what a pass by Cucchiara I was unbelievable past the Stars went to change. And when they went to change a great past cooch Rafi comes in. He spots point. That the past marks The stick was at the highest marks. His body was more by the dot And Britain didn't hesitate. He snapped it again. Stick side up. I Blankets, his 11. So now he has the lead lead of the play offs who drove another point and headmen. Another point. Get the helpers. You mentioned the passing Kuchar. What an alert played by headmen to big time. I'd like to see that play real out a little bit farther. I think rude, actually be the plane a great play out of his own men, so the Stars didn't get a deep right for three goal lead. The Lightning important, chipped after a goal here. It's alive in the Dallas zone for Dickinson. Leftwing Hanley. Right side. It's Zecora back with middle Joel handling 7 30 left in the 2nd 41 ladies and leaving the red line. Battles it in off, Karen. That's commando. Right corner. Dickinson by the neck, Adriana, we're going to get it Keeps it alive for Hanley. Left Circle Center Point. He's gonna shoot C made by Vasyl Lasky and yes. And interference minor coming in lightning. So the first Dallas power play the Stars generated a lot of pressure and cog Liana just got hog tied by circuits have lightning to be super careful here not to get a second penalty. It's called 12 43 of the second stars so dangerous on their power is not stopped. This Lord Horn's gotta stop it. He cannot do this. Can't get another penalty. Original penalty was on Gord for interference and he went back and he almost got another one. Massive services penalty kill. The stars are over one, but it really got them going in the first period interference. Exactly, Yeah, commando Welcome and sold that, too. It may be a rookie, but he knew how to sell it. All right. Stars are on their power play looking to get back in the game. 7 17 left in the second drawer of the rate of celebs. Cerulean Ben Cirelli wins it. It's going to be grabbed by me. Got my mind clears out around the far side. Gotta pass Raj. A lot of the right point down the ice goes, that was close. Meera. Ordering out for the stars to center ice. The Red Line. Feed's been into the Lightning zone left circle going wide left corner, then takes it five, then centers that shot taken Save rebound loose in front. Hey, skin in tonight. First rebound for Siegen. Fragile on left circles. Teegan Center point He's got a point..

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