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I'm just listening to this neighbor all right so next nominee was leila's neighbor lets he plenty finds a wifi signal we'll continue on because every time he can hear us which is weird there oh i hear you great are you hear clear because you're like garbage right now dude cleared today so weird yeah you're still garland and everything else is just odd so we were doing it we're not trying to be dick's you're literally garbled up not that i don't have a problem the dick let's say we might be succeeding but we're not trying all right good all right well we'll see if you've got a little bit better saying we come back and i'll continue on with mine it's a florida story like the florida wall street journal times or whatever that you just happen to be happening in florida but in tallahassee have you ever heard of academy anyways been the south does the kennedy is like the greatest sport store in the world like it's amazing it really is amazing but they let me down on this one but somebody didn't so manager dean crotch cr cr uca ch mecom crotch do you vote for him just for the native anyway sorry so he's working and some gentlemen walks up to the firearms counter and he's he's nearby he sees kind of watching what's going on and the guy asked hey can i see this pistol in the dues like oh yeah here pulls them out the pistol does clear check here hands it to him guy grabs it and takes off running for the door so crouch being the guy that he is runs tackles the kid or the dealt i don't have an age on him tackles a guy cold him down with the help of another like worker that comes over there and they find out this guy had a bunch of a couple of magazines and five boxes of ammo in his backpack as well as the handgun he's running out the door with so the cops arrive roll up the kid like you call him a kid but they grabbing and find out that this guy felt like he's been harassed by somebody so he was going to go and take care of and shoot him so this guy literally say guys lives right by tackling this kid so how does a kademi reward him fire him for putting his hands on customer no yup yep right and it wasn't like you're going to be it was like right now you're done like they fired him so of course he's possibly going to try to get his job back sue for wrongful termination i'm going to tell you right now don't do it walk away because any company that does that yeah yeah this is and this is an it's been going on since frigging what not reagan but like the clinton years the zero tolerance terminology people do not realize how dangerous zero tolerance is yes because there are exceptions to almost everything that happens nothing in the world is black and white and no like i mean i don't care get guy pops positive there may be a legitimate story and there have been a few i have seen them i have had the disgruntled ex wife give the hash brownies did it happens yes not often but it really but yeah now granted they should know by then golic's directly to company i ate this just happened a little inside joe note for you guys if he's thinking my pop positive turner shelf in and go to rehab they can't do nothing it's true it said as it is they can't spoken crack my whole life but i'm on that list i got a problem absolutely i just thought i mean this guy didn't know what's going on it is a firearm you have no idea what this guy could have slipped in there or anything and he and he knew it was a on the guy had anyone took him down you don't know if he's going out.

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