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For those with less than 20 franchises, minority veteran female owned businesses That is definitely component, and it'll be part of the you know if they're elected, biting Harris ticket and probably a requirement, as long as Pelosi is the speaker in the house, which we expect she will be regardless of the outcome. Of the White House election this November, Henry and I think it's so unchain your trays, Veda partners with us Always brilliant throw. Henrietta take care of your Children. You've abandoned them. I just was looking at this number and Edwards and I just found it. I've been remiss I should have had this to your folks in hours so ago yesterday, Walmart showed up 97%. Digital sales, the statistic and Edwards for target. Is up 195%. I don't know how you sustain that and Edwards. I mean a pandemic. I get it. It's a one off. But those these air shark that in numbers Yet you ask me. You asked where people were here, trading, maybe not day trading. Maybe they're sitting sitting on their couches doing online shopping, and that's gonna make the difference between the retailers that survive and fried out of this and those that really don't and we've heard a lot about both. Here in Europe. It was a huge mystery here. The game changing of digital Candace Browning of Bank of America thought was brilliant on that. A bit ago is well. On the world economy and on our political economy. Our conversation of the day coming up, David Mel Pass. He is the World Bank president. Mr Male passes spearheaded their effort. Towards eight and reaction to the pandemic. David Malpass, We'll get an update on a pandemic. An update on 2021 for his world Bank, red and green on the screen. The future's There is a shift in the market with the really yield ever lower negative 1.6%. That is changing on this Wednesday morning.

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