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From wagering revenue. That's really like the long term. And game for the impact of wagering on the media business. Mike Novel is the head of strategy and analytics and executive vice president for Fox sports floor. Kelly is the senior director of strategic and BRAN INSIGHTS FOR ESPN and Austin Carp is a managing editor slash digital at Sports Business Journal and Sports Daily. Of the less fifty, five minutes or so you've heard three of the four most of your ship ex experts in the United States of America. Offer, their insights on what I think is a really fascinating topic flora, Mike and Austin. Thank you very much for joining me today. Thank you for working so cheap and. I. Wish you guys, Nothing. But the best success I'm sure I will see you all online. You can follow all of these people, Mike Molehill Floor Kelly, and Austin Carp on twitter I highly recommend all of them because generally speaking. If, you are interested in sports. Stop there. Almost on a daily basis putting out something that's interesting and doesn't exist elsewhere. So I highly recommend all three of them on twitter, Austin. Floor and Mike. Thanks so much for joining me today in the sports media podcast. Having us all right back in the studio my to Mike Molehill the hill. Floor. Kelly and Austin cart before their time in for really interesting conversation you may not know their names compared to some of the people on this podcast but but I think you. If you're at this point, you've stayed with me I think you found their their analysis and their information really interesting I. Know I did if you like these kind of conversations head to the archives in the sports media with Richard Dutch podcast and and you'll see other similar sports media conversations. Prior to this episode we had John Random, the sports business daily talking about NFL viewership and Turner. Sports. Be Annals Stan van Gundy on covering games in the bubble. And some other topics prior to that show ESPN's Maliki. andrus on reporting four months inside the NBA bubble. Prior to that had jeff pearlman talking about his new Lakers book and then just go down the list of the archives. Jim. Trotter and Steve Shove NFL media could beat the Davidson and Jessica Luther Avenue Book Out. Rene formerly renee young the wwe we had her on for a long conversation about leaving the WWe and. And and all that that came with that prior to that bestselling author James Andrew Miller who's on this podcast lot talking about a number of issues and then just head down the list I think you will find. Some interesting. Conversations lot of these still hold up if you're into sports me. Get One. Thank everybody came into their team ticky the producers of this podcast Patrick Antonetti structure. Next to the leadership group occasions thirteen Chris Corcoran spots Brown John McDermott. This. Is Richard Actual again. Sports Media PODCAST..

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