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Good morning as a morning gratitude of the fried Friday it's episode one, zero, six alchemy coach chip, and this half hour. We'll be covering a soul sound healing meditation with the oems to put that vibration back into mother earth of Guy Plus we're going to be learning about some quantum physics and execute be explained to you about how our soul and frequencies in vibrations go on that's coming up as well. As that song, you just heard from the covid nineteen of the parody and a lot of California and Texas governors the governor is taking a lot of heat for reopening schools. A lot of parents are stepping forward and speaking their piece and because they have the right to do so okay. Because governors are trying to oppress law on Sunday I, do out of the garage network or out of the garage. And I record one hopeful our. About stuff that's actually happened in the past and the truth surfaces to the top and I give you the breakdown details and I'm going to do that with a covid nineteen. I have a research that came forward and gave me some very important documents and information about. How this pandemic where it came from and what's the true story behind it and how the governors and all the elects are making the decisions. And where they're getting their decision making from by their visors more likely somewhere else where they're getting that as called the open source and I'm going to fill that and I'm GonNa tell you to information on Sunday at eight am you can download or listen to that PODCAST right here exclusively, only here on the monitor spiritual podcast live. Now going back into the nineteen hundreds. We have Charlie Chaplin and many people know of them but the lineas don't really understand or know who Charlie Chaplin this. While he was a a silent movies and he was an actor. And he actually opened his mouth and he's got a message for all of humanity and you're about to hear that this is no ritual courting gonNA. Tell you where I got it from, but it's a little scratchy but. It's an awesome excellent remastered. Of how it was done, and this is what we're gonNA play right now and this is from Charlie Chaplin and he's telling the whole world to millions of people. About a message from the divine of how we should be. Because the way people are acting today, there was no difference back in the nineteen hundreds. The early nineteen hundreds. It's all the same people and this. Society needs to wake up if you don't wake up, you are known as a sleepy mass. And people like me that are enlightened ain't gonNA allow sleepy masses the pull and drag us back down into the society. Okay because we are well aware with high awareness. And this one's coming to you from an older tape up Charlie. Chaplin. Here's his message right here on the Monitor spiritual podcasts live. I'm sorry. I don't want to be an emperor that's not my business. I don't want to rule conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone if possible Jew gentile like man white. We all want to help one another human beings I like that. Want to live by each other's happiness not by each misery..

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