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Joke. He's been forgetting it every time as if he doesn't know what the hell we do. Orissa's y'all, we age though I'm forgetting things names every I'm getting confused and disoriented inside the show, his sloppiness and general laziness are only going to get worse as he as he decays last week. I have to be honest. I just saw Bryan his name and I didn't even read the last part and that's what happened with the whole clunky thing with this or this is how long's gots has been hitting these notes that sometimes he's the lead singer on stage who forgets the lyrics like he knows that he knows everyone's waiting for the art browse joke at the end ham ham, ham, fisted stuck in there a reached by any measure. Right. I did say in fairness to me, I did send these to you and I've tried to do this get system for the last few months. I did send these to you at around ten thirty last night. Yeah, I did right. As I Rogers was doing, the title was will have more and I never got more and so the lights went on and it's missing the or piles joke, you know, Elvis, Presley. I heard a Malcolm glad. Well podcasts on this. After he broke up with Priscilla, he just stopped knowing the Wordstar. You lonesome. I heard that too. I heard that too. He had some strange hiccup in short-circuited emotional hiccup there where he'd get on stage in forget his lines. Is that what's going on with Scott. He, he thinks he's Elvis, God's walks through a room as if he's Elvis and greenie is Priscilla Presley. So I'll get to football in a second because the football was fun this weekend and. Aaron Rodgers stole the game from Khalil Mack and in doing so stole the entire day. In terms of storylines with the way that he finished the football day, the thing we're talking about now is the last thing we saw which is like you gotta be kidding me, which to me is the entire Packer experienced since he's been there. Aaron Rodgers hobbling around on one leg and you see what happens and carrying the entire team on that on that on the back, they'll throw in the Randall Cobb, they'll throw into number number eighteen and behind them. They got a running back was number eighty eight or that was last year or ripped hausky or whatever that guy's name is they surround him. He is a diamond in a dumpster. He is a rose growing out of a sewer. He is a master of such uncommon. Creative art that when the Sean Kaiser who I learned yesterday was a Packer. Again, I want to do this today. One seven eight six four five six, four eight three seven is the telephone number seventy six four, five six, four, three, seven. Who did you discover plate ware yesterday? I just want you to drive by with a name because we're doing this in the first when Malcolm Butler's titan we discover that yesterday Janikowski is with the Seahawks yet. We APP is a buck. JP is a buck the explosive yesterday. What's. So Aaron Rodgers when he's not in the game. You see what happens with the Sean Kaiser, which is in any staggering breathtaking amount of lack of pocket presence, like stupefying decides, you know where I'm going to run toward Khalil Mack. It's the single dumbest thing quarterback can do throughout the sports. Is run into Khalil. The closest thing I've seen Lawrence Taylor, that human being is the closest thing I've seen since totally unblock -able just not. And I felt so bad for him that Aaron Rodgers took his day and he took the entire leagues story lines because we're not going to be talking about Nathan Peterman. We might talk about the Browns to make fun of them and the Steelers pooping through overtime. But what he did yesterday was totally absurd. He gets carted off and we all had the same feelings to got there goes their season. There season's done. Now, how many guys can you say that about? Is it three? How many guys can you say about that? If they go down on week one, you're like the season's over? Yeah, I think I think it's Rogers Brady and Fitzpatrick. This, this. Fitzpatrick. Unbelievable yesterday y'all had them in fantasy right..

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