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That he had physically injured her. Ms. Eckhart told him that she had sore wrists. They were actually bleeding. Ah, mark on our buttocks, a broken nail and a bruise on her leg, among other injuries. Mistake Arts Council shared this information with Fox News. Bezek Arts Council also shared with Fox News, the existence of certain text messages that established Mr Henry's delusions and prove his violence. Examples include F Yu and yur. Safe word. I'm looking at Screenshots, allegedly of text messages from and Henry F Yu and Yur safe word. You will know what I'm done. Hashtag, obey or hashtag discipline Gonna make you my little horror again. Owned and submissive. More anal. Whatever. When your owned you don't get a choice. She wrote back you don't own me appears to be a text. We'll let you know if when available so you could get slapped around some more. Bite your tongue. You know who your daddy is? Good. Long session last time left you bruised, Battered, Dazed, sated s t d begging for more. Hash tag perfect. On July 1st 2020 Fox News disclosed to the public that it had terminated Mr Henry based on the findings of an internal investigation of purported to take credit for acting appropriately, however, nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, Fox News knew that Mr Henry had engaged in sexual misconduct is far back is early 2017 at that time when Fox News was conducting a company wide investigation into issues. Of sexual harassment. Multiple women came forward to complain that Mr Hemery had engaged in sexually inappropriate. Conduct towards them, Uh, anyone? This is 39 pages. I'm scrolling through here because Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson or mentioned and I don't know if that's part of Jennifer Eckhart. Or if that is part of it appears that that's part of it. Uh, uh. Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson allegations might be part of Kathy Aru. If I go to her section Section two in the lawsuit in this federal complaint And again I wantto caution everybody that this is a lawsuit. This is prepared on behalf of the plaintiffs. So these are the plaintiffs complaints and you're innocent until proven guilty. These are allegations from The complaint in and doesn't necessarily make everything fact. At this point. These are just allegations that could be true or they could be false or the truth could be somewhere in the middle. It goes on to say regarding Ed Henry. Ms Eckhart was not the only victim of Fox News is willingness to look. The other way is complaints of sexual harassment mounted against Mr Henry. Miss. A rule was victimized as well. In particular, Mr Henry sent Miss Haru, a slew of wildly inappropriate sexual messages. And Ah ah, uh, sexually inappropriate sexual images and messages, which are in her possession. Ah, throughout the first half of this year, so this is pretty fresh. And what was that? So Right? All right. Sue says to be very careful with the next part. Yeah. Oh, boy, some of this language. I'm not comfortable with. Yeah, of a close up photograph of Ah, woman. On private parts. A photograph of an individual wearing a mask with a with male genitalia instead of a nose has all kind. There's a lot of detail here. And language that I'm not gonna be comfortable in mentioning on the air. Ah, yeah, they're just multiple bullet points with what she's claiming. I'm trying to scroll down here, so all this is has to do with it. With us. That's with Ed Henry. Then then it it's a Zeiss scroll down, it says Mr Henry is far from the only Fox news anchor who subjected Miss a route to sexual harassment. She was also subjected to inappropriate sexual harassment and retaliation by Mr Hannity, Mr Carlson and Mr Kurtz and Deano cold. Well, I don't know who that is. In regard to Sean Hannity and again, these are allegations Sean Hannity is not guilty until he is proven guilty. S O again. The same thing with Tucker Carlson. But it does say Missa ruin the complaint. Mr. Roux was a relatively regular face on the Sean Hannity show until March 8. 2018. On that day, Mr Hannity on set and in front of the entire studio crew and completely unsolicited. Through $100 on the set desk. He began calling out to the men in the room and demanding that someone take miss Haru out on a date for drinks at Del Frisco's. He repeatedly yelled, Who wants to take her on a date? Take her on a day to Del Frisco's Mr Ruiz completely mortified and made clear that she was incredibly uncomfortable with Mr Hannity's Misogynistic behavior by quietly pleading with one of her friends in the room to accept the money so that the humiliation would end to make matters worse. Mr Rule was Stock and could not even leave because Mr Hannity engaged in this conduct while she was hooked into studio equipment that could have only been removed by a stagehand. Ah,.

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