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I thought that i care about people knowing or i necessarily cared about the public backlash although back then they would have been um but it was just that i was ashamed of myself i was sad within myself so i didn't want unlike have that be the topic of every interview and peres has it all going and i'll be like fucking miserable which i wasn't gay next so george was going to the same thing he met and selma and it was happy to have been in his life he didn't care about the fact that the us didn't didn't support listen without prejudice it was his favorite autistic moment things are going great and then in selma got aids was diagnosed with aids and and he eventually passed away so george was at live aid he singing for the for freddie mercury and yet he hadn't come out to the world and the person the he loved most in the whole world was in the audience dying of hov lane so when that happened within a quick succession of that his lover died and then his mother died and he had zero fox to give george just thought i hate the circle company they're a in and he asked if they would let him go because they didn't wanna he had listen without prejudice volume to and they didn't want to release it this is like that was a freddie mercury concert live i live for it was it was attributed freddie mercury right like ninety one ninety two yes so george sort of channel all this anger analysts this theory that he had about losing his ponder losing his mother whatever into this kinds which he famously lost what's terrifying to me is that the same people that held him in that cage with the same people that signed me.

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